8-14-10 Saturday

Yes, I’m tired but what else is new?  Let’s see.  Well, Jim pointed out that several weeks ago I turned down a possible job in Fort Mill, SC because it was too far and now here I am driving further to Rock Hill, SC.  Go figure.

The firm email I sent to my boss requesting the day off I’m entitled to paid off.  I now have Thursdays off starting next week.  I’m so excited I could spit, but I’ll refrain as I think spitting is gross.  Why do people spit?  Answer me. 

My store is a shit hole.  There – I said it.  I’ve complained about the no employee lounge, the microwave and fridge in a closet outside in the shop but I now have a funny story to reinforce my shit hole comment.  You see, Bob, my employee, Service Writer, was envying that I bring my own drink and sandwich each day.  I bring a pitcher of Crystal Light, a sandwich (3 points) and a Weight Watchers snack cake (1 point) in a cooler everyday.  Bob said several times “I need to do that too.”  So Bob decided to bring some food and store it in the mini-fridge out in the shop.  The problem was that the fridge was gone.  It belongs to the porter who took it home with him (for whatever reason).  The techs said he needed it for the weekend and was bringing it back in on Monday.  So, we as a shop, don’t even own a fridge for our employees.  As my friend John Anderson would say, “I just shake my head.”

Last night we were supposed to have that Weight Watchers burrito crockpot thingy but when Jim came home he found that the power had went off at some point and the food in the crock only read 130 degrees. It looked like curdled milk even though there was no milk in it.  We opted to feed it to the garbage disposal.  I hate when that happens.  Jim suggested Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner instead.  One day at work, someone brought lunch back for his team and he had their chicken tenders which he liked a lot.  We got to the restaurant which was like a sports bar atmosphere and extremely loud.  Jim ordered the tenders and realized it wasn’t what he had had previously.  There’s another place in town called Wild Wing Cafe.

Tonight we went to the “correct” chicken tender place, Wild Wing Cafe.  We met Deanna there for dinner.  I tried their wings and didn’t think they were all that great.  Jim enjoyed his chicken tenders.  We took the conversation back to our house over a bottle or 2 of wine.  I created a logo for Deanna’s upcoming business venture.  She had a draft of what she envisioned and between the 3 of us, we created a professional logo.  I can’t share it right now since it’s not registered yet.  She has a degree in her field of Human Resources so if you’re looking for advice from an employee perspective, check out her blog, Corporate Survival from the Bottom Rung.


  1. Spitting. I sooo don't get it. Unless camels do it. And llamas. That I get.

    BW3- Buffalo Wild Wings. Never been a fan. Horridly unhealthy menu, as I recall. It's been a few years but I remember hating how loud it was, ours was smokey, and the menu didn't have a single veggie on it.

    Ah.... wine. I'm enjoying a glass right now!

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You guys are awesome and I had a great time Saturday with you guys. I appreciate so much what you came up with for my logo and learning about the blog reports. I can't wait for trivia night!

  3. Sludgepuppy-How can I live vicarously through you if you don't post????

  4. @Liz: Wine! Mmmmm, I need some!

    @Deanna: Well, next weekend coming soon. Chili, trivia and wine.

    @Pat: Thanks. SO busy and tired though. It might just get 2 times a week now anymore these days.


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