8-21-10 Saturday (Trailer Trash)

Sunday is a permanent day off for me since the store is closed.  We continue to be short staffed with the need for another service advisor.  Upper management had someone selected but she changed her mind after committal.   Oh well.

Yesterday I sent the porter to buy a refrigerator for the shop.  It’s one of those small one’s since that’s what we had there previously and that’s really all the room we have for it.

I was amazed to discover earlier in the week that we have no first aid kit.  There’s the remnants of a Walmart-ish looking $15 kit laying around.  Automotive repair can sometimes equate to many cuts and scrapes and I can’t believe that’s all we had.  Pitiful.  I ordered a big kit through our OfficeMax account.

On my day off Thursday, they discovered the cinder blocks above one of the shop doors was sagging and dangerous so they closed it off and are getting a construction company of sorts to repair it.  I’m gone 90% of one day and see what happens?   The place falls apart without me.  No, literally.


In other news of damages… sometime last week Jim discovered this:

2010-08-22 001 2010-08-22 002

Yes, a hole in our couch.  We can’t have anything nice.  So Dasher is banned from the furniture when we’re not on it with him.  We’ve revived our old trick of using clear carpet runner turned upside down on the furniture.  Home Depot usually has the best kind; the one with sharp “spikes”.  This deters the pets from walking or laying on said surface.   2010-08-22 003

It’s cheap and effective.  It can be rolled up and put under the couch when we have company over and don’t want to look like trailer trash.

image Speaking of trailer trash, I want to tell you about our dear friends Carl and Tim.  You can click here to refresh your memory of them.  They were here in early January while we were moving in.  Oh, so the trailer trash part?  Well, they’re moving here.  Perhaps as soon as September.  They purchased a bumper-pull trailer, Tim is quitting his job of 20-something years and they’re gonna start a new life.  SW Florida has a tough job market, hence why we couldn’t stay there anymore.  Even Tim’s job has been downsized over the past couple of years.  I think and hope they’ll enjoy Charlotte as much as I do.  Fantastic weather.  Great scenery.  Mountains one way, beaches another, close to other states, seasons which are mild (to me), etc.   Anyway, check the comments.  Perhaps Tim will comment later about his reasons, feelings, further details, etc.

Here are some pictures of their trailer as it was originally listed on eBay.  They’ve been “remodeling” it over the past few weeks but I don’t have any updated photos.  Tim is technically-challenged and Carl hasn’t bothered I guess.  Hint, hint.

4 1 2 3

They’ve been working so hard on it.  I’m so excited!  We have some other friends who are planning to move here as well.  I won’t say who since I didn’t obtain their permission to mention them and not sure if it’s any type of secret.

Well, I worked today and am very tired.  Jim and I are cashing in a BOGO for a Mexican Restaurant we’ve not tried yet and then ice cream at Maggie Moos. 


  1. I feel so crappy that I haven't been around my favorite blog in so long. Haven't been on my own much either, and when I am, it's usually to post some quick mundane drivel just to keep a pulse over at Casa Hice.

    But I miss you, Garret. I may even come out of my telephone boycott to give you a ring. And THAT is an extraordinary show of friendship since I hate talking on the phone.

    Congratulations to Tim and Carl. How lucky that ya'll will be together again. Maybe I should consider a move to Charlotte?

     ♥ Alix

  2. @Alix: I understand - totally so don't feel crappy. Luv u!

  3. So fun to have good friends come and adventure with you- good thing you've been there testing out the waters!

    Can we make guesses about the others?

    I've never seen that pet off the furniture trick- interesting idea and I bet they learn quickly!


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