8-19-10 Thursday

Thursdays are my day off, right?  Well almost.  A day or 2 after I blogged about getting the day off, my boss says, “You’re off Thursday right?  Well, I need you to come in to open up.”  Huh?  I questioned.  He’ll be out of town and the other Group Manager will cover for me but they don’t have keys to open.  Apparently I can’t even get keys to him before hand because he lives a couple of hours away.  Oh, so I have to drive 2 hours to unlock doors?  Yep.  Nice.

This morning I arrived to work at my usual 7:15.  We open at 7:30.  At 7:40 I call Mr. Area Manager.  He’s about 20 minutes away – he hit traffic.  You people suck.  At 7:45 my advisor arrives.  At 8:15 I leave, Mr. Area Manager had still not arrived. 

Some time yesterday while corned beef and cabbage slow cooked in the crock pot, the damn power went off again.  Another ruined dinner.  Jim called the power company who acknowledged the power failure a couple of weeks ago but says there was no reported failure yesterday.  They’re going to investigate.  They should investigate me a meal.  We ended up going to Chili’s for some 2 for $20 deal.  Tasty.  Fattening.  Ugh. 

Aside from the crock pot – power off problem, I couldn’t get my laptop to do anything.  Well, almost nothing.

2010-08-19 009

What the ?  Ugh!  Thanks for the “prediction” ass munch.  Naturally, the F1 key did nothing.  No, buttons worked.  I restarted over and over and nada.  Good thing I back up everything to Carbonite online and to an external harddrive!  I scoured sales ads from Sunday and found an Acer laptop for $328 at Walmart.  The price was right.  I will never buy another HP laptop.  First the sound sucked.  Then the sound died.  Then the DVD drive failed.  Too many things under 2 years.  Jim’s laptop is an Acer and we’ve been happy with it. 

The license plates arrived the other day:

2010-08-19 007 2010-08-18 005

That’s all I have for now – live from my new laptop! 


  1. I'm going to challenge you Garret....The next blog has to have something good in it. PLEASE

  2. I got a new laptop and personalized license plates. Life is good!

  3. So cute that you can do the @ on your plate! I've never seen that before!

    Hate power surges and outages and other things that mess with my plans!

  4. Love the plates!
    My old, died to early, laptop was an HP also. Never again!


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