8-28-10 Saturday (Now It Really Leaks)

It was a very busy Saturday at work.  I think another wave of oil change coupons hit the masses.  At several points we had a line at the counter of people wanting to get written up for service.  It has it’s good and bad points.  Naturally being busy is good for business.  On the other hand, $15.00 oil changes are a pain in the ass.

On Saturdays we close at 4.  Last Saturday between closing the store, doing payroll and other required reports, I got out of there at 4:45.  I think that’s too long.  This week I got as much ready in advance and had the advisor Bob take on one of the tasks.  Out by 4:20 was much better. 

When I got home I found out Jim has a little misadventure today.  You see – he had went to the RV to reseal a leaking skylight.  While up on the roof, he leaned on the plastic skylight which was brittle and broke it.  This particular skylight is large and is over the entire tub/shower.  The guy we hired to reseal it while in Fort Myers did a crappy job.  Jim called Deanna to help him get the RV over to Tom Johnson’s in Concord.  She was able to meet him there to help with car shuffling.  While the RV is there, Jim gave the service department a list of things to check out, price out and/or fix.  We’re also considering selling it.  Perhaps the bill for repairs will sway us one way or another.

On to the evenings festivities: Beth arrived with a bottle of wine (which we open immediately) in hand and a red velvet cake.  Shortly thereafter, Deanna arrived with a bouquet of flowers in hand.  We didn’t have a vase unpacked so we stuck ‘em in a hurricane vase thingy.   They both thought we were odd for not having a vase.  Well, we’re odd but that’s hardly the reason.  Jim pointed to the huge pile of boxes and furniture in our unusable dining room reminding them that we have more crap than we need.

2010-08-28 001Above: Flowers on the mantle up and away from kitty.

 2010-08-28 002Above: Deanna

 2010-08-28 003 Above: Beth

I should have taken more pics.  The wine may have had a little to do with that.

We ate.  Jim’s homemade chili.  Yum.  We drank more wine.  We played Buzz World Trivia on the PS3 which Deanna and Beth both liked a lot.  We played 5 or 6 games.  I managed to get one win!   At the end of the evening, Beth said next time game night at her place.  What a fun night.

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