8-7-10 Saturday (Too Tired For Witty Titles)

What a week.  At one point this week while at work, I had just finished up a customer when blood gushed out of my nose.  I’ve never had a nose bleed.  I was pretty freaked out.  I went into the bathroom, tilted my head back (what I’ve heard to do) for probably too short a time cause it still bled.  I felt light headed and wanted to lay down.  There’s no place to sit or lay down so I decided to go out out my car.  I barely made it.  I think nerves took over as I felt dizzy and had trouble breathing.  I made it to the car, sat in it and reclined the seat.  I got my breathing under control as I was sweating bullets.  I have no idea what all that was about.

The Group Manager had me and an the service writer work alone today.  One of the busiest days of the week (as I mentioned last week), and after we closed I had to do payroll.  I’m really not happy with the hours.  6 days this week, I can deal with but it was implied (by several people) that I should get used to that.  Later in the week my boss (the Group Manager) says I’ll be working 6 days until “we get you a service writer in and trained”.  Not happy at all.  I’ve already done 60 hours this week.  I had to stay late to do payroll.  We closed at 4, I was there till 4:45 balancing out the days work and doing payroll.  It’s killing me, and not softly either. 

I’m trying to be the model employee – I really am.  I fear that all I’m accomplishing is laying in front of a door with the word “welcome” stamped over me.  I voiced my concern, my dislike.  Manager boss dude says, “we’ll see what we can come up with.”  I’m thinking about asking to step down and to transfer to a location up the street from me where I’d be scheduled 40 hours only as a service writer. 

We had nothing planned for dinner tonight.  Jim wanted to use his free dinner meal coupon at a restaurant called Mert’s Heart & Soul.  Check out the website, there’s lots of recipes there!  Anyway, the place is in Uptown.  It was hard to get to because several streets were closed off.   We found out it was all for bicycle racing.  It was interesting to watch a ton of bicyclists whiz by.  On to Mert’s.  A small, down south kinda feel to the restaurant.  The service was friendly.  The food was pretty good.  Corn bread mmmmmm.  Fried chicken, mmmmmm.  The best?  Sweet potato cake with cream cheese icing.  Jim and I shared a piece.  It was delicious! 

Weight Watchers?  I haven’t logged anything in for a week.  I just don’t have time.  I’m probably OK since I eat a 3 point breakfast, 3 point lunch, eat a fairly healthy dinner with popcorn.  If anything, mid morning and mid afternoon snacks are pretty much gone.

Last Sunday Jim and I went to the Levine Museum of the New South.  It was interesting and free on Sunday’s or something.  Here’s some photos of us at/in various exhibits.

2010-08-01 004

2010-08-01 012  2010-08-01 005

 2010-08-01 007

 2010-08-01 008

 2010-08-01 009

 2010-08-01 011

We also drove to Jim’s new job location so I could see where it is.  Then to Rock Hill, SC  to see my place.  I could only take pictures through the window since I didn’t have keys yet:

2010-08-01 013Above/Below: My desk is the one with the fabulous comfy looking wooden bar stool.  Livin’ large, livin’ large. 2010-08-01 014


2010-08-01 015 Above: Waiting room/counter all in one which I hate.  No privacy to talk about the customers.  Behind the counter up the hall is a bathroom.

2010-08-01 016

The photo below is a few days later when I had keys.  This is the electrical closet in the shop.   Mini fridge and microwave.  To use the microwave, unplug a fan and reach in side ways.  Livin’ large, livin’ large.

2010-08-04 017


  1. Thanks for the update. I am tired just reading about your hours. 60 hours in one week sounds crazy. Hopefully you will be able to work something out. Enjoyed your photos. I hope you have a better week.

  2. Scary thing about that nose bleed! I've never had a bloody nose either.

    Sounds like your job is going well...busy!

  3. @Jason: And gross too!
    @Missy: I hope I have a better week too!

  4. For a nose bleed, you should pinch (apply pressure) just below hard bridge of nose and actually tip your head forward. Better for the blood to go out than to travel back in and down.

    Sounds like things are pretty hectic lately but it's good you are still managing to find some fun.


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