8-27-10 Friday (Goal!)

It is Friday!  My day off!  Of course I have a list of things to do.  Some of which, Jim started asking of me.  I must admit, I was annoyed.  Can I go to the dry-cleaners?  Can I clean this or that?  Some I probably won’t do.  Dude, leave me alone!

Sometimes I feel a little guilt about this job thing I’m going through.  Some thoughts: I haven’t worked in 2 years.  That’s 8 months longer than Jim.  Wasn’t that enough rest?  60 hours?  Deal with it.  Get off the cross, someone needs the wood.  Then there’s the other hand… I won’t rehash it.  Just read the previous postings and there it is.  Why do I mentally argue with myself?  Maybe I’m just mental?

Some good news: 

WW Weigh in

I lost more weight.  I stand and walk a lot at work.  Perhaps that has helped.  I haven’t tracked points for weeks.  I’ve cheated here and there.  I’ve still done well.  I’m proud of myself!

As you know, Jim isn’t following any diet.  Unfortunately he’s been gaining, however, he’s utilizing the free gym at his new job!  He’s decided to do something about it so he works out a little after work. 

It’s already 5 pm.  I’ve done a lot today.  I steam-cleaned carpets and the couch.  I’ve went to Walmart, done laundry, etc, etc.  I should have went to work.  I’m leaving Jim a big basket of laundry to fold tomorrow.

Work tomorrow followed by Buzz trivia, chili and wine with Deanna and Beth tomorrow evening. 

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