10-25-10 Monday & 10-26-10 Tuesday

Monday: I had a 3 hour assessment/test thingamajig in Uptown today.  It was with Duke Energy for a customer service position.   Along with 8 other candidates, we each had our own work station.  They provided a computer, headphones, scratch paper, 2 pencils and calculators.  The whole thing was a simulation to grade speed and accuracy.  First we had to learn (via the computer) what ABC Electric’s policies were.  We were provided with several charts to refer to as we did our “job”.  We “took phone calls” which were simulated prerecorded calls with “customers” spouting out information to establish new service, change existing service, negotiate payment options for past due accounts, dispute meter readings/bills, set up budget billing accounts, etc.  Very in depth, fast typing, accurate listening, the works.  Crazy stuff!  I passed!  Yay!

The only problem now is that there aren’t any positions open right now, at least according to their website.  I was told they’d resume hiring at the beginning of November.  That’s not too far away.  Naturally as I typed the previous paragraph I just got this in my email:

“I just wanted to provide you with a quick status update for the CSR position that you had applied, tested for and passed. Currently our hiring team is taking some time off from conducting interviews. They will resume interviewing sometime towards the middle of November to early December.”

Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Tim came over and I helped him with his résumé.  While doing that, I multitasked and made lasagna.  I don’t know exactly what caused it but it was flavorless.  Maybe the beef, the sauce, the cheese?  Usually it comes out pretty good.  Never as good as our friend, Laurie’s, but edible.  Anyway, you would have thought I made it with layers of cardboard rather than lasagna noodles.  Damn we miss Laurie and Pearl, and no, not just for the lasagna. 

Tuesday: This morning I applied for a job with a major home improvement store.  Something in human resources actually.  I had to take an assessment.  I’ve taken this exact assessment in July so I assume it’s only “good” for a certain amount of time.  I took screen shots again1:


1Clicking on each photo will open a new window with a larger version of the photo.  Go ahead – you know you want to look.

Wow.  I hate assessments.  After I take them I’m left wondering how soon it will be until a van pulls into the neighborhood toting a straight jacket with my name on it?  Do they even personalize straight jackets?  Cool.


Mostly out of pure boredom I took a drive to Walmart.  I was curious if my glasses had come in yet.  I never received an itemized receipt the day or my order – just a credit card slip.  I wanted to be sure the order was even placed.  The woman helping me the other day seemed slightly on the novice side.  Yes, I could have called them but like I said the trip was mostly out of boredom.   Today I received my itemized receipt and was told my glasses should be in tomorrow.  I’m kinda excited even though I hate wearing glasses.  I know, I’m crazy, please refer to the photo above.

The Walmart closest to me has a full aisle devoted to clearance items.  I love browsing the clearance aisle!  I pick up so many different things but luckily leave them where I found them.  

Carl & Tim came over and cooked us dinner.  Tacos!  Mmmmmm.  As typical, I forgot to take pictures capturing the moments of Carl and/or Tim dicing, chopping, frying, etc.  Tomorrow night they’re coming over for dinner again.  I’m making chicken stir fry for them!


  1. I'm just fascinated by the testing you went through for the Duke job- that doesn't even exist! I wonder why they bring people in if they don't have jobs? Did everyone pass or could you hear people struggling?

    I can't imagine tasteless lasagna- baffling!

    We're having taco night tonight! Olé!

  2. Well, when I first applied for Duke months ago there was a position. I couldn't get off the day that they had testing. I guess they just test and have people ready to go as part of an ongoing thing. I know Duke Energy occupied many buildings in Uptown so I'm wondering if their corporate office is here. In that case they might have all the call centers here and employee thousands of people?

    As far as passing, I was the second one finished and they reveal your pass/fail status out in the hallway. The woman before me had also passed. I couldn't hear anyone struggling since the testing room was quiet and we all had headphones on.

  3. I made 2 lasagnas on Saturday... one for my son and one for John. I'm eating lasagna all week!!

    I found this in the grocery store and I like it! Barilla Italian Baking Sauce http://www.barillaus.com/Products/56/italian-baking-sauce.aspx

    Good luck with the job search!


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