10-15-10 and 10-16-10

It’s been a slow week in some aspects and yet busy in others.  I was bored.  I job hunted.  I tweaked my résumé again.  I surfed the internet.  I played video games.  I cleaned.  I did lots of laundry. 

I wasn’t going to even blog.  Sure, I’ve got plenty of time now but I just haven’t been in the mood for it.  I certainly don’t want to go back to feeling like a must have an entry for the day or my life is incomplete.

With all that being said it’s time to share today’s events.  Friends from Florida, Chris and Jerry were driving to Virginia.  They stopped here for the night.

2010-10-15 009Above: Tim

2010-10-15 010 Above: Jerry

2010-10-15 011 Above: Chris

2010-10-15 012 Above: Chris

2010-10-15 013 Above: Tim and Garret

2010-10-15 014Above: Chris

2010-10-15 015Above: Jim and Carl’s arm.

We went out to dinner at Ryan’s.  It was an evening of eating, and socializing.  There wasn’t much to report.  We had a great time!

The next morning Jim and I hosted brunch.  Chris and Jerry weren’t able to stay and partake (they had to get on the road).

2010-10-16 016 Above: Group photo!

We bid our farewells to Chris and Jerry reminding them that they’re missing out on a fabulous brunch.  Did I say fabulous?  Yes, I did.

Beth arrived with Mimosas!

2010-10-16 018

And now, there’s no more pictures.  Perhaps it was the effect of the Mimosas?  I feel like a slacker.

Carl and Tim supplied the waffle making ingredients and tools as well as some maple sausage.  I made a crustless quiche using Egg Beaters, bacon, cheese and spinach.  It was all fantastic and we’ll be doing it again soon!

Beth departed, Jim took a nap, Carl & Tim returned home for their naps and I played video games until later in the afternoon.  The 4 of us took a drive to Freedom Park.  Jim and I have been to this beautiful park in July.  I was excited for Carl & Tim to experience it for themselves:

2010-10-16 001Above: Carl, “Here ducky ducky ducky.”

2010-10-16 002 

2010-10-16 003Above: I love the duck diving.

2010-10-16 005 Above: Carl

2010-10-16 006 

2010-10-16 007 

2010-10-16 008 

2010-10-16 009 

2010-10-16 010 

2010-10-16 011 

2010-10-16 012

Pretty, wasn’t it?  Onward to a Farmer’s Market:

2010-10-16 013 

2010-10-16 014 

2010-10-16 015 

2010-10-16 016

Then back to their trailer:

2010-10-16 017

We later met up at our house to watch Smallville and have dinner together.

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  1. I love their porch set up at their trailer- looks so cozy and inviting. I want to invite myself over, light up the fire pit, and crack open a bottle of red...


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