10-11-10 Monday (Simplified Baking)

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day.  Jim and I went out for a late breakfast to Ryan’s.  We eventually waddled out and headed to BJ’s for a few things.  Then on to Lowe’s with some returns and a purchase or 2.  We stopped by an RV show at the mall’s parking lot and went in and out of the various RV’s as if we had money to do something.   We even picked out one that featured a guest room and guest bathroom.


Silly, aren’t we?  You can see photos/info by clicking here.

So that was yesterday…  Today it was back to work.  One of the big bosses came in and said he was disappointed that I was leaving.  He offered me another store as a second in command.  I appreciated the offer however no matter what the position, the same harassment will continue.  A general disregard for employees.  With no as my answer, he told me he’d have to dismiss me and appreciated the 2 weeks notice.

I left with mixed emotions.  Should I have had “thicker skin”?  Should I have dealt with it – at least for a while longer?   I don’t have something else lined up.  What effect will one income have on us?

I came home and posted my status on Facebook.  I got a lot of support from friends.  I’m thankful for the support but I still have that feeling like I should face palm myself or something.  I certainly hope I’m wrong.


Tonight we went over to Carl and Tim’s for dinner.  Chicken and rice along with cheddar biscuits.  

2010-10-11 002Above: Trailer life can be so convenient.  Suddenly tired while checking dinner?  Simply sit down.

2010-10-11 004Above: For dessert Carl made blueberry muffins.  They came out flat and tasted weird. 

2010-10-11 006 Above: Flat and weird tasting muffin secrets are revealed!  Damn trailer trash hosts.


  1. Is it scary to be without a job? Yes. Are you going to feel the effects of just one income? Yes. Should you continue to work for a horrible company? I say NO! Cut down on your eating out (yes, that's difficult to do, I know. Nike says it best: Just Do It.). I don't care how many coupons you use or how much salad you eat, eating out is killer on the finances and the calorie count. Stay home and make/eat the things you love. Even expensive, fattening stuff is cheaper and less fattening when you make it at home, so cook, eat, enjoy, repeat.

    You'll find a job that's worth your time and talents soon. Don't fret, be you and be positive. It's like dating: you always find the right one when you aren't looking.

  2. Soooooo, I guess the use by date does mean something!

  3. Another job will turn up. You were miserable there and it would only have gotten worse as time went on.

  4. Everything that Wolffie said! No one should have to go through the stress you have in that job. I went through a lot of jobs over the years - and you will find a place where co-workers become friends and bosses appreciate your contributions without taking advantage of you. Believe!

    Nancy in Iowa - retirement is the perfect job!!!!

  5. Better to be poor and happy than not poor and miserable. That's my experience from the last 2 years. Barry and I are on 1 income and it sucks, but in the long run it'll be worth it. Something better will come along!

  6. Your job situation sucked. A lot. And if you'd stayed there, I'm betting there would have eventually been a negative impact in other areas of your life. That much stress for a crappy job that isn't going to lead to a great career isn't worth it. You were miserable there. You made very effort to make it work but you were fighting a machine by yourself. A better job is out there for you.


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