10-24-10 Sunday (Cheap Houses)

Mmmmmm, how I love food so why not start the day with sugary sweet specialty french toast.  Yes, Jim fell prey to a yummy looking ad for Terrace Café that ran in a local paper.  The ad itself is on their website too but too small to be readable.  Here’s the photo portion:


That my friends, is a Red Velvet Waffle.


Jim said it was good not but as much as he expected.

2010-10-24 005

I chose the S’mores French Toast.  I felt like a child.  Mine was delish.  AND just in case it didn’t have enough calories, I added syrup.  Mmmmmmm.


2010-10-24 006

Did I mention mmmmmmmmmm?

We spent most of the day driving around and checking out neighborhoods.  Here’s my day in pictures:

2010-10-24 019Above: Unique looking pine cones.  They grew upward.  Anyone know what kind it is?

2010-10-24 009Above: These people went all out for Halloween.  They covered the front of their house with cardboard or the like with an image of gray brick.  The eaves have a great scalloped edge that fits the theme.

2010-10-24 011Above: At another house.  I loved the crime scene idea.

2010-10-24 012Above: Lower left sign reads “cheap house $29,000”.  Yeah I agree it’s a cheap house but no other info.

2010-10-24 013Above/below: Cute house and then next door is this permanent trailer.  It was out of place for the neighborhood.2010-10-24 014


2010-10-24 015Above: Just a tree that made me gasp with joy.


  1. I would like to leave a lovely comment about the pretty pics from your drive... but my mind is in a pseudo sugar coma from the pics of those breakfast dishes. NOM!

  2. That little trailer may be out of place for the neighborhood, but it is cute, cute, cute!

  3. @Jodie: LOL

    @Liz: It was delish. Sugar, sugar, sugar.

    @Wolffie: Admittedly it was cute.

  4. OH.MY. S'mores and French Toast are 2 of my FAVORITE things. I'm going to make this.

    and that tree is just amazing! I'm sure it was even more beautiful in person. :)

  5. Love the Halloween decorations on the houses! Very creative!


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