10-8-10 Friday (Conference This!)

A lot happened during the past few days. 

On a conference call Monday, I was told the company would be having it’s annual company-wide meeting/conference in November.  It’s all departments.  It’s a weekend extravaganza held at a local hotel.  Employees are asked to attend via formal mail invitations.  Everyone is invited once every 2 years.  The weekend is all about vendors and our business exchanging knowledge.  Bettering ourselves.  During the conference call, a manager says that some of the employees will undoubtedly ask if they get paid.  The answer is no.  Yet, it’s mandatory.  Hmmm, I think that’s illegal.  The managers on the conference call seem to look forward to the “open bar” they usually have.  Oy.  So, to make sure I’m clear, I say, “So it’s mandatory but if asked, no pay.”  Right.

Wednesday I was told there was a conference call at 3pm.  At 3, I dialed in and by 3:09, no conference call ever occurred.  I spoke with my boss, Mike, who said it was changed to Thursday at 1.  I told him I’d miss it.  “I’m off tomorrow.”  Mike said I needed to call in.  It will only take 5 minutes.  Really?  Then you can tell me in 5 minutes now.  He wasn’t heading up the conference call and suggested that I call in.

Thursday came and I had a 1:30 interview.  I did not call in for the conference call.  Details about the interview aren’t important now.  They’re only relevant if I get the job.

Friday morning I open this email from the company president’s assistant:



I was furious.  I mean really.  Did they just book the hotel?  They can only give us 8 days notice at best?  Assholes.  I replied, “well, then it’s not much of a day off, is it?”  I didn’t get a response.

I won’t be attending.  I quit.  I’m tired of their hostility.  Their threats. 

Here’s another email on the same day.

 Daily Report

Mr. Shitty Place Where I Work Corporate President, you suck.  Your assistant sucks.  Your accounting department sucks (they have attitudes too).  My Your company sucks.   Your hostile work environment sucks.  I quit.

I called Jim and was practically in tears.  The company takes, takes and takes.  I wonder why I’m the 8th manager in 18 months?  Oh, wonder no more.  I think it might just be because they suck.  Jim was either tired of hearing me bitch about my job OR wanted me to get out from under their tyranny, (I like to think it was the latter) and said, “just quit.”  That’s what I needed to hear.  Quit I did.

I called my boss, Mike, and told him of the news.  He asked if I’d like to step down.  No, the badgering won’t stop just at management.  He reminds me that the evil operations manager who was fired last month isn’t with the company and things will get better.  No they won’t.  I have a problem with the company president and his staff.  I told Mike I have a problem with him.  He’s a cause of my distress too.  He kind of ignores that.  He asks me to “hold on” until at least Wednesday if I can.  I told him I’m giving 2 weeks.

Oddly As expected my attitude changes.  I immediately feel happy.  Free.  Excited.  Relieved. 

There’s a lot more emails that lead up to this.  Some are in the blog already.  Some seem minor when standing alone but when grouped with all the others, it’s just down right frightening. 

My plans?  Work until they release me early or for my 2 weeks.  I’ll do my job like I have been.  2 exceptions.  I’ll be happier and I’m not going to the damn meeting.  I’m off on Wednesday.


  1. That certain doe snot sound like a good work environment! I don't blame you one bit for quitting. It was decent of you to give your 2 weeks notice too.

    I hope you get the other job!

  2. What a horrible company! I'm ready to tell them to go to hell for you.

  3. They can not make you attend with out compensation. That is illegal.
    Your right to quit that job. They need to take some classes in employee management!

  4. Take this job and shove it!!! Good for you, Garret, as you haven't been happy since the end of your first day. Sure, you need to work, but you need to like what you do and enjoy your daytime.

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. Good for you Garret! If feel sorry for the people who want to leave but can't. Their lives must be miserable!

    Many years ago I was in the same boat, I couldn't wait to leave 'the-crazy-hostile-retail' company and did, just took my about 10 months! Once I gave notice, I felt just like you, free, happy and excited!


  6. It's about time, I wondered when you would tell them to stick it. Congrats! I'm the one who found your blog by googling RV Zombies..


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