10-23-10 Saturday (Bring A Rake)

Jim and I took a drive to the mountains.  We wanted to see some of the fall foliage.  It.was.fantastic.  I was in awe 90% of the time.  We headed north and drove the Blue Ridge Parkway!

2010-10-23 004

2010-10-23 005

2010-10-23 006

2010-10-23 007Above: This was taken at some gem display rest area state/national park thingy place.

2010-10-23 008

2010-10-23 009

2010-10-23 010

2010-10-23 011

2010-10-23 014

2010-10-23 017

2010-10-23 018

2010-10-23 019

2010-10-23 020

2010-10-23 021

2010-10-23 022

2010-10-23 023

2010-10-23 024

2010-10-23 025

2010-10-23 026

2010-10-23 027

2010-10-23 029

2010-10-23 030

2010-10-23 031

2010-10-23 032

2010-10-23 033

2010-10-23 034

2010-10-23 035

2010-10-23 036

2010-10-23 037


2010-10-23 038Above: In Blowing Rock, Jim found his grandparents house from years and years ago!


2010-10-23 039

2010-10-23 042

2010-10-23 045

Trust me.  The photos don’t do it justice.  I wore rose colored sunglasses which amplified the colors.  Intense.  Beautiful. 

We did visit Boone.  It’s a charming town.  There’s old and new parts.  We drove through the old town part.  Charming but busy and a lack of parking.  It was 2pm.  We were hungry so we decided to scout for a NON-chain restaurant.  Every place looked busy.  2pm – dunno why. 

We finally came across a place that looked “not so busy”.  We walked into this place, Mountain House Pancakes, and it was a knock off of Cracker Barrel only with much more crap.  There was a line to get seated.  We didn’t have to wait too long.  Service sucked.  There seemed to have been more bus boys than wait staff.  The food was substandard.  I thought maybe we’re missing something.  Some hidden charm?  Everything screamed bargain to me.  The ketchup and Sweet n Low packets were off brand Sysco stuff.  The “meat” in my club sandwich was a dark weird looking meat.  It was the kind that would come in one of those 50 cent packs.  Jim thought it might be roast beef.  Hmmmm.

As typical when blogging, I researched the place to incorporate information I’ve found.  I found many humorous reviews about the place.  Here, if you wanna see.  Ugh.

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