10-21-10 Thursday (Weeeeeeeeeeee)

This morning I took an online test (simulation) for a bank teller position.  If the money is right then back into banking I’ll go.  Here’s a screen shot.  I had to work through 6 customers, make decisions about possible upsells to the customer.  I had to pick from different replies based on a customer’s request or comment.  I had to adhere to bank policy is listed in the “procedures” tab.  I had to make sure checks weren’t post dated.  I had to enter the information into a “computer” and complete the transaction.  It was pretty interesting.  I have no idea how I did.  I assume OK.


I picked up Tim this afternoon and we went to Walmart so that I could get a new pair of glasses.  I wear contacts 99.9999% of the time and my back up pair of glasses is ancient.  I might just be inclined to wear them more often now that Tim helped me pick out stylist frames.

2010-10-21 009

Thanks Tim!

We browsed the store.  Tim spotted a pinwheel.  He immediately exclaimed, “weeeeeeeeee”.  Naturally I got him to pose for a photo:


Oh, sorry that was the inspiration photo.


2010-10-21 008

Above/Below: Fun at Walmart.  Is Walmart fun?

2010-10-21 007

After getting my glasses fitted, we were off to explore a supermarket called Aldi.  It was an interesting store that doesn’t carry name brand items.  It’s all off-brand/Aldi brand stuff.  The prices were very good from what we were able to tell.  It’s a no frills place boasting it’s lack of grocery bags help keep prices lower.

Back in July, a fire claimed a neighborhood house.   Here was a photo from that day:


They’re almost finished demolishing the house:

2010-10-18 001

So, I unplugged my laptop today and discovered this:

2010-10-21 010

It WAS the plug to my Dustbuster.  It left a mark on the carpet!  Lately the vac hasn’t been charging fully.  Maybe this was why.  I Googled around and didn’t see anything about a recall.  Yikes.

Carl and Tim came over for turkey meatloaf (mmmm) last night.  Here’s a few pictures of the pets:

2010-10-20 0022010-10-20 0032010-10-20 004

Cute, aren’t they?


  1. I love that weeeeeeee commercial. I makes me laugh every time.
    That plug was very scary. I'm glad you discovered it before your house looked like your neighbors.
    And yes, the pets are very cute, just like you in your new glasses.

  2. Nice looking glasses.
    And that plug is why they shouldn't put electrical outlets so close to the floor!

  3. nothing like being a prostitute for a bank.


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