10-19-10 Tuesday (Tracking Tools)

Quite frankly, being unemployed this time is simply painful.  I’m constantly bored.  Even when I have things to do I’m “bored”.   I must get a job soon.  I think my sanity depends on it.  Oy.  I’m not sure what makes this time different than previous.  Oy.

Tonight we (Jim and I, Carl and Tim) went to an NPR “Public Conversation” which focused on, well, there’s the web clip down below:


It was free and informative with a touch of usefulness.  I was glad we went.  Even one tip is better than nothing.

We bought the Sunday paper this past weekend.  Truth be known, we just look at the ads, comics and coupons.  Horrible, I know.  Anyway, Jim finds this in the paper:

Tracking chart

It’s humorous because we left Florida.  Sure, hurricanes still come here but it’s the end of the season so why publish it now?  It was first published (as best as I can tell) in June.  A Facebooker said it was probably republished because there’s been some storm activity lately.

Charlotte has a lot of corporate offices here.  Lowe’s, Rack Room Shoes, HP, Microsoft, and of course tons of banks.  The “public conversation” mentioned Electrolux so I went to their career website:

USA vs United States

Is the United States Of America very different from USA?  USA had 1 job and United States of America had quite a few.  I think I’ll stick with United States of America.  Maybe tomorrow they’ll add an option for “America” too.   Yeah, I’m nit-picking.  It’s what I do.

That’s all I’ve got for right now.  I know – lame entry I suppose.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go watch an ice cube melt.


  1. I think it was easier last itme around because you were coming off a year long vacation. That's different than coming off a job and then job seeking. Different modes, you know?

  2. Well, would you rather be in the hell you were before or bored bored bored? Anytime you get too bored just think about the old breakroom or that dang email about the mandatory meeting on your day off...


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