10-9-10 Saturday (Hair In My Food)

I worked.  Jim was off.  Afterwards we went over to Carl & Tim’s for dinner.  Salad, angel hair pasta, and garlic bread.  Mmmmm.  The sauce was a little too sweet for my taste.  Tim agreed.  It was no disrespect to Tim, after all, it was Trader Joe’s brand sauce, not his own.

I think Tim planned this particular menu because of my jabs at him.  When they moved here and began unpacking boxes, I was surprised at some of the gadgets he brought.  A garlic press.  A large stand-up electric can opener.  A parmesan cheese grater.  He had it all.  Useful or not, he seemed to have packed it.  Tonight he made use of his press.  He also made use of some linens.  I was shocked that he apparently brought linens too.  What a nut!

2010-10-09 008 Above: The linen covered table before my comment about the tacky flowerpot with stickers on it.

2010-10-09 012 Above: The linen covered table after my comment demonstrates the usefulness of aluminum foil.

2010-10-09 009Above: Tim

2010-10-09 010 Above/Below: Prince Gizmo.2010-10-09 011 

2010-10-09 013 Above: Tim serves up salad.

2010-10-09 016 Above: Look at the cool cheese grater!

2010-10-09 015

2010-10-09 014 Above: The latest look of the “living room” in the trailer.

After dinner we went to the NC Music Factory.  It’s an entertainment complex of sorts housing several bars and restaurants.  Last weekend when Jim, Carl and Tim went to a Gay Pride event, they purchased haunted house tickets.  Tonight we walked though it and it was mildly entertaining.  I think it was more fun having a frozen drink at Wet Willie’s and watching the haunted house characters run after people with chainsaws and the like. 


After “being frightened” we went to Crave for desserts.  They had a wait so we decided to try another time when armed with reservations.  We went to Cold Stone instead for dessert.

I do love me some ice cream…


  1. I can't believe you didn't photoshop the spot off Tim's shirt.

  2. I love the cheese thingee.

    And your shirt looks ginormous on you.

    I hate haunted houses, have been a "scarer" in one designed for little kids and that was fun (it wasn't too scary), but would love to drink while watching it all from above.


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