8-8-09 Saturday (Nude Photos!)

We met Jim’s Mom, Ann, for lunch at Nomiki’s Plaka, a Greek restaurant. This time, I did not eat goat. Jim and I love getting a gyro with the onion sautéed rather than raw. The 3 of us had a nice visit.

Insert unimportant and boring tasks here.

Party time! Friends, Carl and Tim threw a Welcome Home party for us! It was awesomely awesome! Some clothes came off here and there which limits the amount of photos I can display. I tried to get everyone to get dressed for the photos but no one would listen.

“People, people. I’m trying to get blog photos and I must keep it clean.”

I was directed to the Lysol. Hmmmph. Sorry readers. I tried.

The weather didn’t cooperate some of the time. It was unfortunate that the rain would get us wet while swimming in the pool.

The food? What a spread. Laurie of Laurie and Pearl masterly crafted her deliciously awesome lasagna for the event. 3 trays. Tim picked up breadsticks and salad from Olive Garden. Yum! The munchies? Pickles, cheese, chips, dips, veggie platter, etc.

The drinks? Mike and Dave brought their margarita machine. Dave and David kept a constant flow of frozen drinks going for all to enjoy. It was sweet of Dave to go out of his way to get the ingredients for peach that I loved so well at Lumberjack’s. More sweetness? Tim called before the party to tell me he looked for the peach ingredients but couldn’t find them at his end of town.

I will tell you that a newcomer to the group is John. In a couple of pool parties in our absence, John was photographed A LOT. Naturally when I arrived, I capitalized on that and took a ton of photos exclaiming, things like “Oh look, John is standing” or “So dreamy, John is now drinking something.” I think he liked the attention anyways. As we say in gayworld, John knows he’s pretty. OK, with all that said, meet the crew.

2009-08-08 FL 02

Above/Below: Carl and Tim went out of their way to decorate with a welcome home / tropical theme.

2009-08-08 FL 03 2009-08-08 FL 04 2009-08-08 FL 05

Above: Dave, Frozen Drink Master(Different than a Jedi Master.), of Mike & Dave.

2009-08-08 FL 08

Above: John. He posed many, many, many times.

2009-08-08 FL 09

Above/Below: Jeffrey.

2009-08-08 FL 19

2009-08-08 FL 10

Above: Bruce of Kevin & Bruce.

2009-08-08 FL 11

Above/Below: Pearl, wife to Lasagna Maker, Laurie.

2009-08-08 FL 34

2009-08-08 FL 12

Above/Below: Kathryn, daughter to Pearl. I like stalking her on Facebook.

2009-08-08 FL 61

2009-08-08 FL 13

Above: John

2009-08-08 FL 15

Above: Mike of Mike & Dave.

2009-08-08 FL 18

Above: Kevin of Kevin & Bruce.

2009-08-08 FL 22

Above: Another photo of John.

2009-08-08 FL 23

Above/Below: Tim of Carl & Tim, Master Party Thrower.

2009-08-08 FL 44

2009-08-08 FL 29

Above: Gizmo, of Carl & Tim.

2009-08-08 FL 41

Above: Carl of Carl & Tim.

2009-08-08 FL 42

Above: Lotsa people.

2009-08-08 FL 47

Above: Kevin of Bruce and Kevin begins his “antics”.

2009-08-08 FL 51

Above: David of Mike & Dave. Also a Master Drink Maker.

2009-08-08 FL 54

Above: The Drink Maker’s Tool.

2009-08-08 FL 55

Above: People.

2009-08-08 FL 59

Above: Nancy, sister to Pearl of Laurie and Pearl. Aunt to Kathryn.

2009-08-08 FL 64

Above: Kevin of Kevin & Bruce is into full antics mode.

2009-08-08 FL 67

Above: Jim.

2009-08-08 FL 74

Above: Clockwise: Nancy, Pearl, Laurie, David, Garret. Aren’t you glad I didn’t explain relations again?

2009-08-08 FL 93

Above: Chris of Chris & Jerry. Jerry couldn’t make it.

2009-08-08 FL 95

Above: Ryan.

2009-08-08 FL 98

Above: A cake from Al & Jack who weren’t able to make the party.

2009-08-08 FL 99

Above: Kevin. Caption: “Does this towel make my ass look big?”

2009-08-08 FL 102

Above/Below: Tim serves cake. In a different shirt. It’s the Cake-Serving-Shirt.

2009-08-08 FL 103

Above: Nancy & her date, Kristy. (Kris-T)

The End


  1. Love it....but alas no pics of my date Kristy

  2. @NancyPants: I had one but you both have no tops on. I also had another when you were both talking to Gabby but it came out horribly.

  3. How great that your friends threw you a welcome hme party!

    That Kevin is a riot!

    And yes, John IS pretty!

    So is Bruce. :)

    And Mike looks smashed!

  4. Must of been Gabby's fault...I know we were hot chickas...Thanks for posting us together...Smooooch

  5. Looks like a way fun time!

    I'm sure my invite was just lost in the mail. Oh. It's only for your actual friends. Sorry. Got it.

    Poor John... someone needs to take him shopping and buy him some pants that actually FIT.


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