3-30-12 Friday (Deport The Geese!)

I took today off to help my “numbers” at work.  I hope it works.  It’s difficult to explain but the basics is that it has to do with how many phone calls I take vs. my sales.

Perhaps I should rename this blog to “The Rant”.  Or “The Tirade”.

Rant 4

The Canadian Geese are at it again.  They have nested in the same place as last year.  This time, building maintenance has cautioned off the area with yellow tape, orange traffic cones and signs.  I was pretty annoyed about this.  The nest is right in the middle of the parking lot.  Sometimes depending on where the male decides to stand guard, it’s nearly impossible to avoid him without walking 2 blocks out of my way and that’s not gonna happen.  I found out that they’re a protected species?  What?  There’s so many of them, they poop all over and are very territorial.  I’ve heard of people being knocked to the ground. So with my man purse / lunch cooler armed in ready status, the goose flew at me as expected and within inches of my head I bunted the bastard.  Yes, I did.  I was much more successful this time than the last.


I called Monro customer service again.  Naturally they had no record of our messages from Sunday or Tuesday.  I explained our disappointment about the repeated repair attempts to the customer service rep, Chris.  Chris said he’d contact the store to find out what happened.  He called back and said that he spoke with the store manager, Jeremy.  Jeremy says he was getting ready smooth the pads and rotors but we requested the vehicle back before the repairs could be made.  I asked, "what time does that location close?"  "5:30" he replied.  I said, "So we dropped off the vehicle Saturday, on SUNDAY the time on my receipt is 5:14, you close at 5:30 and I didn't give him a chance?"  Chris apologized.  I asked for a refund.  He was stuck on giving them the opportunity to make it right.  I asked "how many opportunities do you get?  Is the district manager involved?"  "not yet".  I asked to speak with him and left a long message on his voice mail.

Monro's Hours

A few hours later the District Manager, Roger, called me back.  I told him I’d give them one more chance… against my better judgment.  I expect to get priority.  I expect to be informed.  Roger agreed.  Friday night we dropped off the Jeep.  We’ll see.

Dinner with Mike & Billy at Red Robin.  I see Billy almost every day at work but haven’t seen Mike in a couple of weeks.  He transferred out of my department into a processing type position that he seems to enjoy.  I’m envious.  I’ll admit it.  Since jealousy is a wasted emotion, I’ll just be happy for him.

My mom is due to arrive here this Thursday the 5th.  Unfortunately she’s in the hospital with a urinary tract infection.  They suspect more than just that and have ordered blood tests.  Will she make it in time?

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for so long:

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  1. The protect species crap is at epic levels of absurdity in my opinion. If you shoo the birds away I'm pretty sure they'll set up a nest somewhere else and not take their own lives from disappointment. Sheesh. Sorry your day was so cruddy.

    1. Thanks Li. A law from 1918. I guess it's not a top priority to change nowadays.

  2. Living in Arizona, we don't get the geese. I had forgotten how bad they were. When we went back to Indiana, they were everywhere! We kept having to watch our step. I sure don't miss them at all.

  3. Its funny cause I keep meaning to take a picture of the daddy goose that be sleeping in the middle of the parking lot every morning. He don't even move when cars come. Its like he know's that no one can do anything to him.

    1. LOL. I'd like to run the son-of-a-bitch over.


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