3-18-12 Sunday (Fart Fantastic)

Other then some rain here and there, the weather has been gorgeous.  Last weekend was very cold, this weekend called for shorts.  Many trees are blooming and the rain will probably help that happen even more.


I found out I had gotten a 0 on a customer satisfaction survey at work that will result in me losing about $800 in incentive.  My boss and I listened to the call, it was under 2 minutes long.  I was very polite, but the customer had no account information for me to identify him.  Although he made no indication of being angry, he hung up while I was explaining what I could and can’t do.  There’s 5 questions about me on the survey and anything less than a perfect score results in a 0!  The average for all 5 questions was 0.  I was so pissed.  My boss is going to “dispute” the score and hopefully we’ll win.   So far for the quarter I have 4 100’s, an 80 and now this 0.  The crazy thing about these surveys is that even if I’m on track to make a $3000 incentive I could lose it all if my score is below a certain number.  It’s incentive control, that’s what it is.  It’s incredibly unfair.  And no, they don’t tell you all of this during an interview. 


Jim installed a new fart fan in the master bath.  Yeah, I said fart fan.  It’s what our previous builders sales person called it and I’ll never forget it.  The toilet is in a separate room with it’s own fan and this one was near the shower so technically it’s not a fart fan that we replaced… more like a steam fan.  Since the fan was stronger and larger, Jim had to enlarge the hole.  The created drywall dust.  Naturally I had to clean the entire bathroom but it needed it anyway I guess.

Next Jim tackled the dining room chandelier!  Other than a hole that needs patching we’re done.  The chandelier is a $100 Habitat For Humanity ReStore find.


My cell phone had some crazy LCD screen bleed going on.  The colors were strange.  I tried everything.  It was almost like someone had put a magnet too close to a computer screen.  We went to Verizon where they ordered a warranty replacement.

Later, for dinner, we met up with Josh, Erin and Brian at Intermezzo Pizzeria and Café.  It serves Serbian food.  Yes, really.  Jim has been there before with Mike and Billy I think when I was in Florida.  It was tasty.  It’s Italian-esque. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.  I know I usually post photos, menu clips, food reviews and what nots but I’m just behind.


Oh.  Sunday?  Well.  Uh.  I’m typing this on Saturday of the following week so thinking back to Sunday seems a life time ago. 

We met up with Jamie and Ruby near the motorhome.  Jamie does work on motorhomes so we asked him to give us an estimate on painting the RV, redoing the rubber roof and some other stuff to get it back into shape.  For brunch we went over to Mimi’s.  Usually I get a mimosa but I tried their Bloody Mary and it was good.  It was Ruby’s birthday! 

Jim and I headed over to the mall and did some shopping.  Later we did the usual meal planning and grocery shopping.


Later in the week, my supervisor challenged the customer survey and with success, it was tossed out!  Yay!

This week I was off the phones quite a bit for special projects and even spent a day in a new hire class mentoring on different subjects.  I do like to teach and oddly I was told I should be an instructor by several people.  Maybe a new career path?

Some other Someday

I was craving Chinese food.  No, I’m not pregnant, I just look like it.  Anyway, we went to our favorite Chinese buffet.  We hadn’t been there in a long time and it was certainly yummy.  My fortune was:

A scalded cat from cold water runs.

What happened to fortune cookies?  When did lame ass fortunes occur?  I remember they were awesome.  I remember you could add “while in bed” to the end and they’d be funny.  Now?  They don’t make sense and when they do make sense they don’t sound like fortunes.  Not that what I said made any sense but you know what I mean.



  1. "No I'm not pregnant, I just look like it." Should I apologize for laughing?

    Glad to hear that bad survey got tossed out. Our collectors are on an incentive program, and they keep making their jobs harder. Now there's a law in NC they can't even leave a voicemail when they're trying to collect a debt! How the hell are they supposed to talk to people who are trying to avoid them?

    1. I guess we're just going to let everyone slide on their debt. The American Way. It's strange how so many people think it's someone else's fault except their own and feel like life is a video game with a huge "reset" button. Can I tell you how many idiots call to get a loan even though they went bankrupt months ago? Sickening. Even worse? I can't discourage them from applying. Ugh.

  2. YAY on disputing the survey, and I did not know about magnets and computer screens...interesting...

    1. Yeah, the old (before LCD) computer screens. I think LCD is immune to that.


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