3-11-12 Sunday (Gum For The Blind)

Unfortunately our weekend in Asheville had to come to and end.  We had a late check out time so with that prearranged we went to Tupelo Honey Café for breakfast.  I ordered a fried chicken atop gravy and biscuits.  Yum.  Jim had an omelet.   We shared a sweet potato pancake, our favorite.

Some final photos of Asheville:

2012-03-11 016Above: This is what makes Asheville so awesome.

2012-03-10 001Above: My gum package was missing a piece.  It had 8 raised dots in it’s place.  Jim said it was braille for “no gum here”.

2012-03-11 014Above:  Our hotel had location, location, location but definitely missed it’s mark on style.  Yes, that’s a pedestal sink next to a water fountain.  There isn’t even paper towels or soap.  Maybe it doesn’t even work?

2012-03-11 015Above: The creepy wallpaper is on upside down to the left of the door but on correctly to the right of the door.  That’s the trouble with creepy floral patterns, very tricky.

So we loaded up the car, grabbed the dog and drove back to Charlotte.  We’ll miss Asheville. 

Well that was a short post…

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