3-3-12 Saturday (Shopping For Enhancements)

On Thursday evening, Jim said, “Put on your thinking cap; what do you want to do tomorrow?”  Naturally, being a smartass, I replied that I first needed a thinking cap.


By Friday morning I received an email at work with the itinerary.  I gave my virtual nod and plans were created.

On Saturday plans were set into motion.  Breakfast at the Original Pancake House.  They do have some good pancakes and omelets!   This was our first visit to this location.  We had about a 15 minute wait for a table but it was worth it.  I had an American cheese and sausage omelet with a side of pumpkin pancakes.  Yum.  I couldn’t finish it all.  Jim had regular pancakes and a Philly cheesesteak omelet.  He too had left overs. 

Next we went to a Harris Teeter to order some subs.  Yes, I know we just ate but they’ll be for lunch.  Jim brought a cooler with us. 

For our second time since we’ve lived here, we went to the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show.  There’s so many exhibitors and this place is crazy.  Jim and I always seem to have a great time walking through everything.  We collect a lot of brochures for things like skylights, awnings, gutter enhancements, etc.  There’s just so much.  The original plan was to break halfway through the show, go out to the car, get our subs, enjoy them and then finish off the show. We finished the show sooner than planned so Jim suggested eating our subs in Freedom Park

2012-03-03 0032012-03-03 0012012-03-03 002

The weather was perfect.  We had a great view from atop a hill. 

Close to the park we saw some nice looking homes.  We took a closer look.  One particular home stood out.  The bricks are wavy.

2012-03-03 005

Below: A closer look:

2012-03-03 004

There’s big rocks/stones incorporated into the build.  Interesting.

We decided to check out an old defunct mall close to the house.  It’s now an “Asian Mall” but the parking lot has huge potholes and is always over-run with portable fly-by-night car detailers.   The mall is featured on deadmalls.com.  Here’s a few photos.

2012-03-03 006Above: Holy crap, this reminded me of our trip into Chinatown in San Francisco!

2012-03-03 007

Above/Below: Many empty stores.  The floors were disgusting.

2012-03-03 008

Not that I expect you to read up on the mall but at the time of this post I researched the history of the mall here a little more complete with photos from a blogger who seems to be “into this stuff”.

For the rest of the day we did a little shopping here and there.  We returned a bunch of crap we didn’t use/need/want.

Next weekend we’ll be in Asheville!

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