3-23-12 Friday (Halloween?)

Here’s a shocker.  Jim bought a Groupon.  I know right?  He bought it a few weeks ago for some big event called the Mad Monster Party.  Think sci-fi convention and replace that with horror movie stuff.  How cool is that?


Jim bought a 3 day pass.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  We arrived, parked and approached the hotel.  There was the car from Christine, the Ghost Busters car and plenty of hearses.

Once inside I recognized a star or two.  I didn’t even know there were special guests.  They charged to do autograph signing, most of them for special charities.  The most popular I recognized of the 40 stars was Linda Blair, William Katt, Dee Wallace, Tracy Lords, John Russo, Derek Mears, and Richard Moll.  For many others I recognized their role but never really knew their name. 

IMAG0003Above: To the left is William Katt.

IMAG0002Above: Tony Todd (Candyman)

Inside a huge ballroom, vendors were set up selling different horror oriented wares.  Tshirts, action figures, props, posters, etc.  Ace Frehley was in another room signing autographs and talking to people.  Up the hall, another room had live scorpions, mice, tarantulas, snakes, hissing cockroaches and other creepy horror movie type insects/animals.  Other rooms were used for movie screenings.  Interestingly, Philip Morris (a horror host like Elvira) spoke about his career.  He owns and runs Morris Costumes right here in Charlotte! At the rental, we lived near their distribution center but never knew what it was.  The sign outside simply said “Morris”. 


Philip Morris claimed to have made the Big Foot costume for the famed Big Foot video shown below.

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