3-1-12 Thursday (Dust Storms)

I’ve said a lot of bad things about Adams Homes lately.  I do want to acknowledge that the manager did call and leave a message on my voicemail Friday while I was flying to Florida.  He apologized for the issues and offered to come by if needed to talk about any outstanding problems.  Sure my email (excerpt –>) “I'm so angry right now... really you have no idea.  I believe you should escalate my concerns to your project manager.  As many problems as I've had and not one single call or acknowledgement from management.” obviously caused the phone call to be made but really that’s what I was looking for.  Maybe I’m a pat on the back, or acknowledgment needing sort of guy but it is what it is.

Recently at work I’ve been chosen to help out with some projects.  I was invited to attend a pilot group meeting yesterday.  Unrelated I’ll also partner with another teammate to mentor in something we’ve been deemed “champions”.  Additionally I recently attended some short class about a new reporting system.  Finally I will also be helping out in a new hire class next week for a few days.  I enjoy doing stuff like this and am ecstatic that I’ll be off the phones!  ** Update: Friday I was asked to Pilot a software change and attend a meeting once a week!  Score!

For the past month, here are the top search words people used that lead them to this blog:


Fun stuff.

This morning the painters were due to arrive at 8.  They were spot on.  Finally the big holes in the ceiling are gone!  Paint drips and issues are taken care of.  There’s so much drywall dust so I’ve decided to take up Adams Homes on their offer of having a “cleaner” come to the house and make it all pretty.  Unfortunately after the painters left I realized they had missed the baseboards that were replaced a month ago.  I was looking at the walls and ceiling and not paying attention to the baseboards.  Obviously he missed it too.  It was too late, they had already left the neighborhood.

As of noon, I still haven’t gone to work and I’ve been waiting and hoping to get a call from the cleaners so I can get it done today. 

I gave up on having the house cleaned. I did it myself. Dust, vacuumed, mopped. I had to clean baseboards and pictures and knik-knaks of all the dust. It took me a few hours and as of 4pm I finished. So I took a day off clean. Splendid.

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Tonight we went to Cabo Fish Taco for dinner.  If you click on the link (to the left) there’s a video you can play of them being featured in “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”.  I ordered what they spoke about in the episode:


Now this is strange for me.  I took a risk with this.  My fish limit consists of shrimp, canned tuna, and mild white fishes that have battered and deep fried.  Only recently have I been also dabbling in baked fish such as this from Inland Market


or other baked fish that is stuffed with crab or shrimp or something.  Baby steps.  Fish is excellent because it’s way low points for my diet.

Jim and I had a great time with friends Deanna and Dr. Dave.  3 out of 4 of us had the BBQ Mahi Tacos (Jim had a friend fish taco).  I enjoyed mine; it had a lot of flavor.  Maybe I’d have something different next time.  I wasn’t head over heels in love with it though.


  1. Sounds like your seafood tastes are about the same as mine. I love shellfish, will eat tuna if it's mixed up with a bunch of other stuff so I don't have to taste it TOO much, and will eat mahi-mahi or tilapia if someone else tastes it first and confirms it's a zero on the "fishy" taste scale.

    This does tend to limit my dining options in the healthy food department. Sigh.

    1. Exactly. I do the dame. I'm fish stupid and rely on Jim to tell me it's a "mild white fish"..

  2. Pointy nipples? I must have missed that post...probably just as well.

    Now that you have the manager's phone number, why not call him up and invite him for a little dusting party? Tell him you'll even provide an appropriate (French maid) outfit.

    1. Flartus, there were so many good photos in this post of Pointy Nipples: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2009/03/3-29-09-sunday-pigeons-and-other.html

      A dusting party? I wasn't in a party mood, trust me.

  3. Diners, Drive-ins & Dives is Emma's second favorite show (Good Eats with Alton Brown is her first love); I have trouble getting past Guy Fieri's cheezy hair and bowling shirts but Josh watches it with her all the time!


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