3-24-12 Saturday (How Peopleofwalmart Are Born)

A busy day for sure! We went to BJ’s for our weekly food run. We dropped the Jeep off at Monro for the 856th time for brake noises and stopped at Garden Ridge to return lamp shades. I’m sure I’ll elaborate on all of that later.

Lunch at Shane’s Rib Shack.  We’ve been here several times and always seem to forget that we don’t like their mac and cheese and that they seem to over cook their chicken tenders.  other than that their BBQ is tasty.

We returned to the Blake Hotel for day 2 of the Mad Monster Party. First order of business was to get some adult face painting done.  For airbrush only was $10 and $5 for latex.  I thought that was very reasonable.  Jim opted for the zombie look and I went for a gunshot wound to the face with entrance and exit points.

2012-03-24 003

2012-03-24 014


2012-03-24 006

2012-03-24 001Above: A general photo of the crowd at the special guest star autograph tables.

2012-03-24 015Above: An elaborate costume.

It was fun to people watch.  There were so many people with costumes and makeup.  A saw a definite connection between the Goth, punk, tattoo, and piercing community with this convention. 

We left the convention, stopped home and got ready for the evening’s event… a haunted house.  First dinner at Sake Express in Belmont.  This was Japanese food, fast food style.  The Japanese chefs worked giant griddles with veggies and meats.  Their shrimp sauce, egg roll and fried rice was good.  It was all the yummy stuff without the showmanship at a Japanese steak house which also means a more doable price.  It appeared to be a local chain with 3-4 locations only.  Remember, we were in makeup.  Jim explained why we appeared as we did a few times.  I would have offered no explanation.

Our 3 day pass for the convention also included admission to the Haunted Mill.  While waiting in line, I saw this on the front of a window:

2012-03-24 020

If this is what you do for a living, shouldn’t your business name be centered with the rest of it?  Wouldn’t a space after each comma have been appropriate?  Why is Athletic Team Supplies capitalized?  Why isn’t there a comma after “supplies” since “signs” is probably a different product?  Why is Signs capitalized?  Why is there a period after “trophys”?  Isn’t the plural of trophy, trophies?  Why am I complaining about this so much?

Anyway, the Haunted Mill was absolutely amazing.  It had me scared 90% of the time.  Room after room, different themes with staff jumping out and scaring us.  A stock photo:


They did an amazing job!

Again, still dressed a freaks, we stopped at a Walmart.  I wonder if we’ll make it to the peopleofwalmart.com webpage? 


  1. This day was even more fun than the last day. What a fun event and I love that you went to eat and shopping in makeup. :>)

    1. Jim is the master of Planning o' Fun. If it weren't for him we'd sit around all the time.

  2. As a grammar/usage/punctuation nerd,that sign is PAINFUL to read!

    1. LOL. I thought of you and my other writer friend, April. I'm not perfect but I can certainly do better than that. Most of the time I "write" like a talk. That includes typing wrods like "oughta" or "wanna".


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