3-27-12 Tuesday (Spiritual Cars)

On Sunday we finished up the Mad Monster Party with a Q&A session of the Walking Dead


It was hosted by Chandler Riggs who plays the young boy, Carl.  The running joke is that he’s always told to go in the house or wait in the car or whatever.  Addy Miller played the first zombie (aka Walker).

image                    image

The audience asked questions.  Chandler and Addy answered as best they could while being mindful of contract obligations. 

2012-03-25 001

Jim and I walked around the convention for a final time.  We almost considered having ourselves painted up again.

2012-03-25 005

Later in the week I received an email with a photo we had taken of us while at the convention.  It was photographed in front of a green screen and we were able to chose a prop and a background.  It was free.


That was from Friday night.  On Saturday when we had make-up on, Jim had suggested getting another done.  I felt like I’d be abusing the “free” part so I passed.  Perhaps I should have.

Rant Warning

Monro called us Saturday saying they needed the manager/master tech to take a look at the Jeep and it would be first thing in the morning.  We waited until early afternoon without a call from them.  We called them and got a run around.  With it approaching their closing time we stopped in.  The manager is the only master tech and also works the front desk.  So, he’s got a lot of responsibilities.  When I look back at my previous receipts it print the managers names.  We counted at least 7 in 2 years. How poorly run… no wonder they have so much turn-over.   Sadly it reminds me of my unfortunate employment at AAA Car Care.  Anyway, manager dude says everything “physically looks OK”.  As opposed to spiritually?  He doesn’t know why it’s squeaking and confirms he heard it.  He says he may scuff up the pads because it looks like the brakes were overheated.  I have 2 things to say.  Bull Shit.  The brakes have squeaked every single time after they try a repair.  And what the hell do you mean try to do something?  It’s been there for 2 days already.

I demanded a copy of the work order and the Jeep and we departed.  I called Monro’s 800 number and got a voicemail.  I left a detailed message citing the store location, invoice number, name and return phone number.  I gave a general gist of the concern/complaint.  Monday came… no return call. 

This is funny and deserves it’s own paragraph.  Tuesday night we decide to call them again.  It’s 5:45.  Jim holds.  No hold music.  After about 5-10 minutes the line disconnects.  He calls again at 5:55 and they close at 6.  The recording says the approximate hold time is 10 minutes.  Jim says “well this outta be interesting”.  We put it on speaker and prepare dinner.  At about 6:10, the recording states the hold time is approximately 2 minutes.  We’re getting closer.  Every few minutes it says the same.  It’s now 20 minutes later.  The recording says 2 minutes.  It’s 6:20.  We hang up, call back, get the answering machine and leave yet another message.  That was TUESDAY.  I typed this on Friday morning.  No return call.  2 calls and messages to customer service.   Monro sucks. 

In other car woes, the BMW has a clunking noise on bumps.  We had just paid a lot of money to Tire Kingdom to repair this issue with struts and strut mounts.  The week after it was repaired, the noise came back while we were in Asheville.  This weekend Jim decided to check under the hood.  1 out of 3 bolts is broken.  He decided we’d bring it in and NOT tell them about the bolt and see if they come up with that themselves or if they lie and say something else was wrong.  Eventually they tell us they don’t hear the noise and to come pick up the car.  Jim was fuming.  He went down there, lifted the hood, showed them and they ordered the replacement part.

2012-03-25 002

We cannot find a good car repair place.  This is the 3rd Tire Kingdom location in Charlotte that has made us mad.  BMW tried screwing us.  Monro sucks.  What to do?

Thursday morning I went to the hygienist for my follow-up-after-the-root-planing-visit.  The “pockets” of my gums/teeth has decreased substantially!  Yay.  Is it that Sonicare toothbrush?  Whatever it is I’m happy!


  1. We used to go to this guy before he moved all the freakin' way across town: http://www.figsautorepair.com/

    I don't know much about cars, but I used him for about a year and felt very comfortable with him. His name is Juan Figuero. Now, I didn't have any major repairs with him, but he did replace a transmission on my old car so that I could trade it in. Dunno how close he is to you, but maybe if you're desperate enough, he might be worth checking out.


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