3-10-12 Saturday (Secret Pricing)

As typical, we woke up real early.  Jim wanted to go to one of our favorite spots, Tupelo Honey Café , for breakfast.  The hotel offered a free continental breakfast.  Decisions, decisions.  For a time saver, I chose the hotel since we will and have been eating out every meal.  With the time we stayed eating here, we were afforded a nap.  I don’t seem to nap very well so it was mostly awake time for me.

This is the life.  Eat.  Nap.  Eat.  So off to lunch we went.  We had another voucher for the Twisted Crepe.  We had dessert there yesterday and their regular food items did not disappoint.  I had the Levi’s Country Club and Jim had the Larry on the Go (slightly modified).  They were so good.


For dessert, yes, a lunch dessert, we spotted a new bakery, Karen Donatelli Cake Designs.  In fact we learned that this was their first week as a soft grand opening.  The desserts in the case were so “pretty”.  The ambiance of the building reeled us in as well.  The owners son made us feel welcome.  The prices were shockingly low.  Look at my dessert.  Look how fancy.  Before you read what the price was, guess.  To reveal the price, highlight this box ----> $4.50.

2012-03-10 002

I know, right?  Mine was a chocolate cake with white cream covered in a chocolate gonache.  It had raspberry sauce around it.  Jim’s was a cheesecake covered with Oreo and Butter Finger.  Mmmmmmm.

2012-03-10 003Above: Jim’s cheesecake.

2012-03-10 004

Above/Below: Great place!

2012-03-10 005

It was time to do something besides eat.  (My healthy blog friend Norma is probably shaking her head… profusely).  On to the North Carolina Arboretum we went.  Lots of walking.  Surely that counts for something.  The only downfall is that much of the flowering trees and plants haven’t quite bloomed.  We still enjoyed the walk around the arboretum. 

2012-03-10 0072012-03-10 0082012-03-10 006

For before dinner drinks and appetizers we redeemed another certificate.  We went to Treasure Keepers.   They serve wine and limited appetizers in a back area called Heavenly Spirits Winebar.  Think café meets antique store.  You sit at and on the merchandise.  Many of their items came from the Bernie Madoff estate.  We had a Hummus trio with pita chips and a glass of Moscato wine.

2012-03-10 011

2012-03-10 009

2012-03-10 010Above: Playing dress-up with Jim.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Yes, I thought so, time for another certificate for dinner at Lexington Avenue Brewery (aka LAB).  It’s a big ole bar/pub with untraditional pub foods.  I had a delicious and tender flank steak while Jim had the meatloaf.  We enjoyed the meals!

We stopped by a hippie shop of sorts.  It featured the typical pipes, incense and tie-dye stuff.  Jim bought a tie-dye shirt and I bought a fabulous hat:

2012-03-10 012

We finished off the evening by going to one of the local gay bars for some drinks.  It wasn’t very exciting.  I think I’m too old.  Smile


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