7-30-11 Saturday (Electronic Bitch)

We met Ryan and Dennis at their hotel today and then went to Tupelo Honey Café for lunch.  Jim and I had been here earlier in the week but thought the boys might enjoy something non-chainish.  I think we all enjoyed our meals and Mega-Mosas.  Mmmmmmm.

2011-07-30 001Above: Ryan was very busy with his phone.

2011-07-30 005Above: Ryan continued to be busy with his phone despite his food presence.

2011-07-30 004Above: Dennis shows off a flower in his hair.

Dennis went back to the hotel for a nap, Jim went to the RV for a nap, while Ryan and I went to the Dillard’s Clearance center.  Yes, I’m well aware I’ve been there 3 times AND that I don’t like to clothes shop.  Oh, the sacrifices I make…  Ryan was thrilled with the low pricing and naturally bought 10 shirts.  Good stuff.

Sometimes a GPS can be down right evil.  We often refer to ours as the “Bitch in the Box”.  Ryan and I plugged in Walmart and set off through a twisty, windy part of town.  We ended up in a residential part of town with no signs of commercial life including a Walmart.  We selected another one and off we went.  Sometimes these things are so wrong I want to throw them out the window.  It gets frustrating.  We did eventually make it there.

Time went by so fast today!  It was evening.  We picked up the boys at their hotel and went into downtown Asheville to catch the last of the festival.  It ends at 10pm, and by going in the evening, we could have dinner, take in the sights, and enjoy the slightly cooler weather.

We spent a while finding a parking spot, then additional time finding a restaurant.  We settled on Ed Boudreaux’s Bayou Bar-B-Que.  Another great meal.  We had an awesome table in front of the window so we were able to do some people watching.

2011-07-30 009Above: Yes, I look constipated and Dennis looks stoned.

It was approximately 11pm and time to head back.  Tomorrow Dennis and Ryan depart for Atlanta while Jim and I return to Charlotte.


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