7-4-11 Monday (The Bachelor)

In other news, the house continues to evolve.  I haven’t taken many photos because nothing has changed on the exterior.  On the inside, the electrician did his thing over 3 days.  We’ve hit some bumps along the way.  The builder wouldn’t let us add another window to the living room.  We’ll do it afterwards or put in French doors while the siding is still “fresh” and can match.

On Friday I scored an early shift of 9-5:30.  At the time I thought it would be perfect to see Jim off for his trip to Atlanta.  He left directly from work so that didn’t work out as well as planned.

Saturday was my typical Saturday work day.  Calls were the usual slow.  The people were the usual broke.  Rudeness was at it’s high point.  I was speaking to a woman who had fairly loud music on in the background.  She was asking about opening an account.  Really?  Perhaps another day would be more convenient.  I purposely spoke low.  She asked what a couple of times.  I continued to speak low.  She didn’t get the hint so I asked her to turn down the music.  She did but I noticed throughout the conversation it seemed to get louder.  After work I went to Cheddar’s with Mike and Billy.  Yummy steak and chicken tenders.  All 3 of us had the same thing.

Sunday came and I headed to the Concord Mills Mall.  I looked at some shoes but since I hate shopping, I just glanced at them making a mental note, “They have shoes here.”  I passed Cold Stone, it was lunch time.  I thought, “should I?”  Screw it, I’m having dessert first.

2011-07-03 003 

I sent that picture to Jim.  I stopped into Best Buy to swap phone holsters and then went into a few stores looking for brown thick socks.  I don’t want thin dress sock material.  I already have a few pairs and want more but couldn’t find any.

I spotted a new store called Cool and Eclectic

2011-07-03 004

2011-07-03 005

2011-07-03 006

Cool stuff! 

The other day I bid on Infamous 2 from eBay.  It arrived just in time for my bachelor weekend.

2011-07-03 007

Monday rolled around and Jim had come home with a surprise dinner.  Chicken tenders from Publix supermarket. 


Our closest location is over an hour away.  They have a wonderful deli and bakery.  We miss them.  For dessert, Jim bought my favorite cake.  Raspberry Elegance cake.


Holy crap I love this cake.  MOIST vanilla cake with layers of raspberry filling along with cream cheese icing.

For some reason I’m hungry.  Maybe I’ll go play my video game and have left overs.  Mmmmmmm.


  1. Ok, fine, here's a comment. Now post something new.

    I want that red chair, so I can try to send little race cars up around it. Wouldn't that be cool?

    Oh, and I think you were pushed out into this cold world exactly 2 days before I was. Which makes you older! Nyah nyah nyah!!

  2. Thanks for the uhhhhhhhhh inspiration. That chair would be cool for so many reasons!

    June birthdays rock. 1/2 way to Christmas which means gifts are evenly split through the year.

  3. Now I want cake. And ice cream.

    And that funky chair.

    And I giggled at the mall cop on the segway.


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