7-26-11 Tuesday (Tours: From Above, From Below, From A Bus)

We’ve had an amazingly busy day.  Breakfast at the RV and then out the door to go ziplining in Morganton, NC.  A Groupon, naturally, for The Beanstalk Journey.  We had fun but yet were bored.  It felt overboard on safety.  We’ve done ziplining in St. Maarten and were in more control.  Here, we didn’t touch any of the clamps or restraints.  It was done by the 2 tour guides.  We were with a family of 4, plus the tour guides and us made 8.  Eight, one at a time, unhook this, rehook that.  And it was hot.  Very hot with our helmets on.  It took forever.  For the 5 times we actually ziplined it was fun.  All the crap in between… not so much.

2011-07-26 013

2011-07-26 001

2011-07-26 002

2011-07-26 010

2011-07-26 012

Naturally I took great photos of Jim but as usual he was barely able to operate the camera.  I’m not bitter though.  No siree.  Not I.


Lunch time!  Over to one of our favorite scenic over view restaurants… Little Switzerland, the Switzerland Inn.  We’ve been there 4 times.  It’s a winding road for sure:

2011-07-26 015

2011-07-26 016

2011-07-26 020

Wonderful views.

Next up a Groupon for Linville Caverns.  Yep, a tour through some caves.  Not nearly as awesome as Carlsbad Cavern or Kartchner Caverns but still interesting.  My only complaint is that the group was taken to several places where we couldn’t all see what the tour guide was pointing to or talking about.  Perhaps the groups should be much smaller.

2011-07-26 028

2011-07-26 021

2011-07-26 023

2011-07-26 024

Back to the RV to shower and change.  Dinner (with another Groupon) at another favorite, The Bier Garden.  We’ve been here several times as well.  We love to watch the people walk by.  Asheville has some strange people.  We love that.  It reminds us of Busbee, AZ. 

2011-07-26 033

There are many others like this.  Love it.  Oh and yes, that is a kilt.

Another, yes another Groupon for the Lazoom tour.  We’ve been wanting to do this tour since June 2010 when we saw the bus go by along with posters scattered around town.  This particular tour was a haunted comedy tour.  Absolutely hilarious.  The tour guide tells us stories with a lot of comedy and sightings of some of the ghosts he speaks of:

2011-07-26 041


2011-07-26 042

2011-07-26 044

2011-07-26 045

Above/Below: Story teller/comedian.

2011-07-26 046


2011-07-26 047Above: “Ghoul-gles” to see the ghosts.

2011-07-26 048Above: A pink ghost!

2011-07-26 049Above: A drunk ghost!

2011-07-26 051

We loved it.  That’s a good thing because tomorrow night we go on their regular city comedy tour. 


  1. That sounds like my kind of ghost tour. Looks like you two are having lots of fun.

  2. The X over Jim's face is priceless.

  3. Yes, you have been busy. That's good; why waste your time? I've never heard of those tours; sounds interesting.

    Oh, and if you ever get your slack-ass butts over to the whitewater center, they have a new Canopy Tour that's 4 hours long and includes zip lines, rappelling and a bunch of other stuff. It's a little pricey, though, so you can use that as an excuse until they show up on the Almighty Groupon.

  4. @Karin: It Twas. Tonight's tour will be just as fun I imagine.

    @Norma: LOL. Sometimes I hate being the photographer.

    @Flartus: We'll probably do the white water center next year. We talked about it the other day and have been forgetting it exists.

  5. Sounds like a good day all around!

    Jim might not be much of a photographer but he seems to be very handy with tools!


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