7-17-11 Sunday (Prefabrication)

We got our first Verizon bill since switching groveling back to them.  Despite the deal made, they charged $60 in activation fees and did not refund my early termination fees as promised.  As you can imagine, this made me a little angry.  I called, started off nice and about mid-way full bitch-mode was engaged.  It was all resolved.  Later I received an email:

This email is to confirm that your requested credit/adjustment has been processed. Your current balance is $63.18, which includes credits/adjustments totaling -$210.00.

Jim and I decided to give O’Charley’s a shot for brunch.  It’s closer to the new house than Mimi’s and potentially cheaper.  The price worked out pretty close, the pancakes were icky (prefabbed per the server) and the rest was OK.  We’ll probably stick with Mimi’s. 

We stopped over to check on the new house.  We were there only a few minutes when our realtor, Donna, also happened to stop by for a peek.  Donna has an Italian Greyhound (like Dasher), named Jester.  Here’s some photos of the house and of Jester:

2011-07-17 008Above: The house with more brick (around the porch supports).

2011-07-17 015Above: A view to the kitchen/living room from the dining room.

2011-07-17 009Above: Garage.  The door to the right leads outside, the door straight ahead leads to the kitchen while passing the pantry.

2011-07-17 010Above/Below: Donna and Jester.2011-07-17 011

2011-07-17 012

2011-07-17 014

After the house we went to the RV storage site, brought it home, Jim washed it while I touched up the interior.  Next week is Asheville!  Back to storage it went. 

Mike and Billy came over for dinner.  We needed something easy and good.  We bought a Stouffer’s Lasagna.  We like their veggie lasagna but gave this one a try.  This was easy but good?  Not so much.  Sorry boys.  They brought salad and bread.  Yum.  For dessert I made apple dumplings.  They were yummy.  They were made for us years ago by CB and Ryan and I never made them until now.

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