7-31-11 Sunday (Pros No More)

It’s end of month and you know what that means?  Absolutely nothing to me… and I love it that way.  There’s nothing to “close out”.  No sale to preclose.  Nothing to slide in on the books.  Nada.  Stress-free.

We made pretty good time packing up the RV and hitting the road.  As usual, I prepared the inside (slide in and strapped, loose objects secured, clean windshield, empty trash, etc) while Jim prepared the outside (pedestal connections, awnings, outdoor furniture). 

When it comes to hooking up the Jeep to the RV, we’re both pros at that.  We have to hook up the auxiliary braking system (Even Brake), put the Jeep into 4 wheel drive neutral, then connect the 2 tow bars, the 2 emergency cables, the emergency brake cable and the power cable for the tail/brake lights.  There’s a lot of responsibility there and luckily we’ve never screwed it up.  Incorrectly hooking this stuff up can be disastrous.  At some point we both double teamed the connections and something was left undone.  OR someone screwed with it when we stopped for lunch.  Most likely we screwed it up.  When we got back to Charlotte, Jim found one of the tow arms barely attached.  The safety pin to secure it wasn’t in place.  The main pin had partially worked itself out.  Luckily the keyword there is partially. 

2011-07-31 001

Jim parked the RV in the driveway and we began our multiple trips of emptying out our clothes, food and other belongings.  I stripped the bed, gathered all the towels.  Blah blah blah.  We were sweaty messes by the time we finished.  We took the RV to the storage place and headed to see how the house was coming along.  We were totally in luck as the back door was left unlocked!  We had just planned to peek in the windows but this was even better.  We were tired and didn’t look at everything closely today but we spotted a few concerns.  The house interior is painted, the cabinets and counters in, bathroom cabinets and counters, interior doors, etc.  Very exciting!

My kitchen photo came out bad.  I’ll take more photos next time.

2011-07-31 002Above: Out biggest concern right now is the water laying across the driveway.

2011-07-31 003Above: The porch columns are complete!

2011-07-31 004Above: The dining room moldings have some issues but in general it’s gorgeous.

Back to work tomorrow.  The house will probably be ready at the end of August so it’s time to start packing and organizing.  Oy.


  1. Hmm...yet another reason to not get stuck behind one of those #@$%! RVs on the highway.

    Yeah, I would have them address those drainage issues pronto. And then when they tell you it's fixed, I'd sneak over there and leave an outdoor faucet on "accidentally" to check. Ain't no purty flowers gonna grow in that mess (except for lily pads, maybe).

    Packing? Oy, I forgot about that part of "yay, new house!" Well, I guess I'll enjoy that part vicariously, too. As in, "yay, I don't have to!"

  2. @Flartus: Damn irresponsible RV owners! Oh, and don't be jealous... You know you want one.

    Come over and pack. We'll have wine.

  3. I would think that when they get the yard graded, that sould take care of the issue. But it wouldn't hurt to mention it to someone.

    And I love the color of the dining room!

  4. Wayne: We didn't get to pick out any interior colors. But thanks. LOL


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