7-13-11 Wednesday (Run Zebra, Run!)

I started my day off with a visit to the Endodontist which I picked off of my insurance website since the kind folks at Van Huss Endodontics haven’t returned my call from 7-11-11.  Did I mention they suck?  So I go to Dr. Hutcheson, an Endodontist, where he does some cold testing and x-rays.  Nothing happens during the cold testing so he recommends an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extraction.  I can’t get in till 7-20-11, which is too long, so I stop back my regular dentist right up the block and they recommend the Charlotte Oral Surgery to see Dr. Moore later in the day.

In the meantime, I go to my chiropractor appointment to review x-rays from the other day.  Spine this, neck that, plan to correct this, etc.  Before an adjustment is made, I lay on a surface that does an aqua heated massage of sorts on my back while I watch TV on the ceiling mounted TV.  It’s National Geographic or in this case a bit too graphic.  Look at the feline (jaguar, cheetah or whatever it was) catch the pretty zebra and mangle it up neck first.  I’m pretty horrified.  I should be relaxing but now I’m feeling a little sick from the view on top of the motion this bed is creating.  I recover.  3 minutes later, it’s all about deer.  How cute.  See the deer run.  Run deer, run… right into barb wire.  Oh dear, deer can’t get out for a while.  I think I’m going to cry.  I’m sickened.  I told the doctor who jokes, “you must have gotten to the zebra”.  Really?  Really!  He says he really needs a new video and shares that thought with his receptionist.  Ya think?  Thanks Dr. Lyons (Beyond Wellness Chiropractic Center)!  We talked about my tooth issues and turns out he’s had wisdom teeth removed from the same doctor.

Hours later I’m off to the oral surgeon consultation.  I’m feeling queasy.  I’m mildly hyperventilating and trying to convince my self to relax.  I have a headache.  My mouth hurts.  I’m light headed.  I am called into a room and I speak to a nurse and have a panoramic set of dental x-rays taken.


After the x-rays I’m seated in a room to watch an educational video about wisdom teeth extraction/surgery.  Chance of this, chance of that.  Risks this, risk that.  Death, blah blah.  I’m in hyperventilation mode again and pacing around the room.  My blood pressure tests high.  I wonder why that is?  The oral surgeon comes in, examines and feels that its not the wisdom tooth (blue arrow).  He says it would hurt when applying pressure if it were a problem. He sees a dark spot at an existing crown (red arrow) and suggests I have that reexamined.  He said he’d be more than happy to extract the wisdom tooth to eliminate that possibility.  He tells me to think about it and I can get back to him on it.



  1. I have had my wisdom teeth removed and it is sore for a few days but no big deal. And a great way to drop a few pounds !!!! I suggest you make a trip to visit Alix and see BTD while you are there. You will be good as new, maybe better......

  2. BTD removed my four wisdom teeth (all 4 impacted) and did my twin brother's at the same time. We looked like a couple of chipmunks for a few days, but nothing severe. Bob's a genius with pliers. LOL. Can't wait to see how this is resolved. Hope you're feeling better... and if not, use the Vicodin!


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