7-27-11 Wednesday (Good Fetishes)

We got a late start today.  We didn’t make it to Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock as planned but there’s still more time during the week and if not, we can easily day trip it from Charlotte on another.

With a Groupon, we had dinner at the Woolworth Walk counter.  I’ve mentioned this salvaged Woolworth building in posts long ago.  We had sandwiches.  They were OK.  We then walked around downtown Asheville. 

2011-07-27 001

Above is the Grove Arcade.  I’ve mentioned this place in posts of long ago as well.  I just love the architecture and décor of this place.

2011-07-27 002

Jim insisted we stop at the Chocolate Fetish and that I reward myself with some chocolates… and I did.

We went back to that dying mall again.  This time to visit the Dillard’s Clearance store.  It was closed the other day when we were there.  Now get this… this used to be a regular Dillard’s and now it’s nothing but clearance.  Racks and racks.  Most of it was 70% off and another 60% off the final price.  We bought 7 shirts for $50 including a Polo button down shirt.  Jim was in heaven.

2011-07-27 004

Later we had another Lazoom adventure.  This time a city tour.  Back to downtown Asheville we went. 

While killing time before the tour started we stopped into the French Broad Food Co-op.  It’s mostly organic foods.  They had a room with bulk foods.  Phenomenal. 

2011-07-27 006

We bought some munchies. 

We stopped into a Mast General Store

2011-07-27 007

We boarded and Lazoom tour bus.  We brought wine.  Yes, they permit it on the bus as we found out last night!

Some photos from the experience:

2011-07-27 008

2011-07-27 010

2011-07-27 011

2011-07-27 012

2011-07-27 013

2011-07-27 014

2011-07-27 018


2011-07-27 019

We had fun but we agreed that we enjoyed the haunted comedy tour over this one.

Jim and I were quite intoxicated by the end of the tour so we walked for blocks to dinner.

Dinner.  Groupon.  Surprise.  Scully’s.  Good.

Today we received an email from our builder’s salesperson.  She included 3 photos for us of the house so far:

cabs1Above: Cabinets, counters and doors, oh my!


moldingAbove: Dining room and with moldings.


  1. The chocolate fetish rocks. That tour bus looks either incredible or freaking weird

  2. What's with the guy dressed as a nun, then a bug, then riding his bike? Very strange!

    Your house looks great with the moulding on the walls.


  3. My daughter runs a walking tour company in Costa Rica. I'm not sure the "bring a bottle of wine" idea would work for that though. But I still love it & will pass along the tip! Most any tour would be more fun with wine, right??? :)

  4. @Chef: The Haunted Tour was wonderful! Do it!

    @bill: On both Lazoom tours they had actors planted at various parts of the tour. Very funny.

    @Brenda: Drunk walking IS safer than drunk driving I guess. I was very fun.

  5. Lazoom!!! I thought that looked fun.


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