7-16-11 Saturday (Painstaking Photography)

During Friday’s heinous bout with pain, I glanced outside a back window and spotted a deer:

   2011-07-15 002

2011-07-15 004

2011-07-15 005

If you had seen me photographing this sight, it surely would have confirmed my craziness.  I was in such pain, I would snap one photo, collapse on the bed and writhe.  Tears flowed.  If I felt even remotely better I’d grab another shot.  

So back to today.  I was lucky enough to get an early shift today, working 8-4:30.  That freed me up to have dinner at Morton’s with Jim, Beth, Ruby and Jaime.  This will probably be the only restaurant I get to go to during this season’s Charlotte Restaurant Week.


The food (we all had the filet) was delicious.  Sadly the service wasn’t as expected for a steakhouse which has some steaks on their menu (a la carte) for $58.  I always look forward to Restaurant Week for the most awesome filet mignon and other extraordinary foods.  Yum!


  1. I love those unexpected moments when nature and tears collide. But seriously Garret, thanks for taking one for the team and shooting those beautiful photos of the deer through your suffering. It really is a beautiful animal.

    As for Morton's... About ten years ago we took my mother to Morton's for her 75th birthday, thinking it would be one of those special moments you remember forever. Well, it was, but not in a good way. There was something wrong with everyone's meal. Too cold, not cooked right, wrong sides, mushy vegetables... even the complimentary hot molten lava cake tasted scorched and was inedible. But worse still was the terrible service. Several years ago someone gave us a $75 gift certificate to Morton's and we never used it. I think we gave it to Adrian and her boyfriend and I don't think they ever used it either.

    Glad your food was good at least, but the bad service thing certainly seems epic.

  2. Funny we have a $50 Crave gift card due to bad service that we've never used either. We don't even have it. They were "holding it" there for us.


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