7-25-11 Monday (It’s Curtains For You)

Jim and I spotted a beaver yesterday! I forgot to tell you. Now you know. I’m glad that I could complete your day.  No photo.  I spotted it and then Jim u-turned so he could see it.  As we approached it scampered off.

I’m not sure how it happened but it did.  We actually slept in until 9 today.  With a purposely late start we went to Walmart for a few supplies.  Then onward to Tupelo Honey Café for lunch.  We’ve been to this place several times.  It’s not a chain.  We love the uniqueness of the menu but our favorite is the sweet potato pancake.  For lunch we first ordered the croquettes as an appetizer but then decided to have the egg rolls too followed by the pancake for dessert. Check out their wonderful menu.


Hell yeah we also enjoyed the Mega-Mosa which was a mimosa on steroids.  By the time I finished it, I’m pretty sure I had trouble saying mimosa.

It rained for most of the day. I must say that I definitely enjoyed a nap today. With mimosa and rain induced sleepiness, it sure hit the spot.

Refreshed, we visited the Biltmore Square Mall.  It’s a dying mall that is located where the theater is that we went to last night.  The mall is sad.  There’s a lot of empty stores in it.  The Dillard’s there has been changed into a Dillard’s clearance center.  Meanwhile, the Belk’s has closed off a good part of their store.  Here’s a trip to the Belk’s bathroom:

2011-07-25 003

If you pull back the curtains, you’ll see Oz massive amount of fixtures and such.

2011-07-25 002

Jim found some of the story about this mall located on a website called deadmalls.com.  It’s interesting to look up areas you’re familiar with.

For dinner we went back to Pack’s Tavern.  We still had our restaurant.com certificate and decided to give it another go.  The service was great, the food was OK.  The menu choices didn’t appeal to me.   I had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn.  Jim had a Reuben.

The rest of the evening we wandered around downtown, peeking into various shops windows.  Many stores were closed for the day.  We had a Groupon for a crepe place for dessert but we were both full from dinner.  Another day. 

Speaking of Groupons, Jim printed them all out last night.  There are 2 missing from the picture that we later discovered was in a different pile.  Now, these Groupons are all for this vacation:

2011-07-25 001

Yes, that would be 14 of them.  This doesn’t include the many restaurant.com certificates we used or will use.

Here’s some photos from our walk:

2011-07-25 0042011-07-25 005

That’s it.  I could have taken more photos… but I didn’t.  I was content with looking around without the camera.


  1. Did you sashay to the bathroom? Seems like you'd have to.

  2. Okay....we use and love Groupon coupons too. But I must say, you have us beat hands down on quantity of them! I bow down to you...... :)

  3. @Flartus: I felt like I was on a run way. Were you watching???

    @Brenda: LOL. Jim bought yet another today. I'll blog about it later.

  4. I was happy, yet surprised to see that the mall where I work was NOT listed on deadmalls.com. Whew!


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