7-12-11 Tuesday

Update to my recent dental contact: “I called the recommended doctor and the woman who answered asked if she could call me back.  She asked for my name and verified my phone number as seen by her caller ID.  That was Thursday morning.  I’m now typing this on Saturday and never got a call back.”

On Monday, I called again.  She apologized and said they were having phone problems.  Great excuse if you couldn’t get my message off your answering machine, however, I left the message with you!  I didn’t push the issue.  I asked about an appointment.  She said the doctor had been on vacation for 2 weeks so they were pretty booked up but she’d see what she could do.  This time she verified my home phone AND took my cell phone additionally.  I’m typing this on Wednesday morning and I never got a call back.  I had a bad feeling about this back on Monday so I already scheduled an appointment with a different Endodontist.  I will be calling later today to let them know that they suck.  That’s right Van Huss Endodontics of Charlotte, you suck.

In other suck-ass worthy news, we got our AT&T bill.  $636.26  There were early termination fees on the bill.  I called customer service.  She said she saw no notations on the account stating otherwise.  She recommended I call the store.  I’ve been down this road before.  The store will say they can’t do anything because they can’t access the account.  So, I told her to call the store, get in touch with the manager and/or district manager, and get the fees removed and then call me when the issued is resolved.  It actually worked.  She took my phone number down.  I got her full name.  Sometime later I received a voicemail that the issue had been resolved.  I’ll need to call AT&T and make sure of that.  It’s not that I don’t trust them

Here’s how the pile of bricks looks on the house:

2011-07-10 001


2011-07-10 002

We’re unhappy with the second fix to the back of the house.  This is where they cut a hole in the second story to get the master shower/tub in.  Adams homes says it passed inspection. 

2011-07-10 0042011-07-10 003

Jim and I decided to go furniture shopping over the weekend.  Here’s what we found and like so far:

2011-07-10 015

It’s a greenish reclining sofa.  This will replace our recliners… if we can fit it into the room.  Since we’ll no longer have a family room and living room, we’d like the one room to look nice (formal-ish) and still be comfortable.   Ashley furniture had a lot of bedroom furniture we loved.

2011-07-10 011

Most likely we won’t buy anything for a while until we live in the house and decide what we want.

A return visit to the house today… insulation!

2011-07-12 0212011-07-12 0182011-07-12 019

Drywall is standing by!  Facebook users commented:


Fun stuff!

Meanwhile, up the block from the house:

2011-07-10 005

Ironic.  Don’t ya think?


  1. It looks like no front door light, just lights on the front of the garage, is that right?
    And are they putting insulation between the first and second floors? Why?
    And yes, the sign....Ironic.

  2. The front door light is in the ceiling. We paid extra for insulation between the floors for sound deadening and some of the interior walls.

  3. Oh! Nice job on taking control of the AT&T situation and delegating the work back to the customer service rep. Victory!

    The house is really coming along. So exciting. And I really like the furniture photos. I know I'm going to have separation anxiety from the red velvet furniture, but I'll manage and will come to love your new furniture just as much, padded headboards and all.

  4. I sure hope you're installing the new transparent drywall. Then you won't have to paint.

    We bought our bedroom set from Ashley. Though the dressers etc. are just fine, the bed has not lived up to the salesperson's promises. That's what we get for believing a salesperson, duhhhh...

  5. The recliner couch is fun!! I want one.

    I'm cracking up because the google ad at the bottom of the post is AT&T.

  6. @Boozy: We'll miss the red furniture but Dasher tore it up anyway. I guess he didn't like it and let's face it, that's all that matters.

    @Flartus: I don't have to paint period. The builder gave us 1 paint color to choose from. Hard decisions.

    @Liz: I sure wish I could block AT&T.

  7. Sound deadening? It is just the 2 of you, right? Or are there plans for the pitter patter of little feet in the future? :-)

  8. I know Wayne. I know. Jim is to insulation as Craig is to worried about security.


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