4-8-11 Friday (Repair Shop Tours)

2011-04-08 004imageMonday I unpackaged the Nerf guns and darts.  Using my handy-dandy label maker (yes I own one) I labeled a plastic shoe box and each gun “Feel free to use, return to Garret”.  I wrote my name on each dart so that hopefully as they fly around all over, most will be recovered.  I brought my Nerf gun dart “kit” to work.  It’s not as slow as Saturdays are so it won’t get as much use until the weekend.  On the right is coworker, Erinn, with one of the guns.

2011-04-05 001Earlier in the week the other digital frame I ordered from eBay had finally arrived.  I loaded it up with RVing photos and left it for Jim to take to work for his desk.

Wednesday was my day off and naturally I had a list of things to do.  The power of procrastination.  I did get a few things done.   In June of 2009, we had new tires installed on the Jeep at Discount Tires in Amarillo, TX.  Looking back at the paperwork, I discovered free lifetime wheel balancing and tire repair.  After 582.3 loads of laundry, I went to Discount Tires and they patched the tire quickly.  Awesome service today and awesome service when we had tires installed on the BMW back in February. 

It was time for lunch.  Off to AAA in Huntersville I went.  I met up with Ruby and we went out for lunch.  I also chatted with one of the area managers who happened to be at that location today about all the recent upper management changes at AAA.  This is the guy that when I worked at the Rock Hill location, I had to drive 45 minutes each way to unlock the doors and he ended up being late.  (see here).   


I went home, did some more laundry, and then went to Monro to have them check the Jeep for an oil leak.  Last week, they added some dye to the oil so they can use a UV light to see where the mess is.  3 leaks.  Oil pan, valve cover gasket and rear main seal.  It will cost us about $600.  I have to talk to Jim about it. 

As I left Monro, I realized I had been to 3 different auto repair shops in one day.  Strange.

On Friday, the Star Wars PS3 video game sold for $20 + $4 S+H.   Yay.  I spent $35 on it so that’s not too bad but why is that every time I bid on the damn thing I couldn’t buy it for that price?  I was hoping for $25 + $4 at least.

Other photos from the week:

2011-04-08 005Above: Erinn and Jasmine

2011-04-05 002Above: Kaci… she can’t sit still.

2011-04-08 003Above: Me with my new reusable and microwaveable coffee cup that actually perfect for some hot tea.

Not much else to tell and what I have told is probably unworthy of a post.

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  1. I wanna work there- I love that you guys can have some serious fun!! Although, Erinn's shoes would kill me.


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