4-12-11 Tuesday (Code Of The Day)

Have I mentioned the “dress code” at work lately?  I may have said that it was business casual and with jeans on Fridays.  Recently we were told jeans were OK all the time.  On Saturday, a guy was wearing shorts.  On another day, a teammate wore flip-flops and jeans.  I’m not sure where there limit is but I’ve now went to shaving every other day.  I’ve been wearing my hoop earring for weeks too. 

2011-04-12 003

Even though we’re allowed to wear jeans, I still prefer khakis and a polo.  After I snapped a photo of me I decided to get one of Dasher.  As I took the photo he decided to stretch his neck which created an interesting E.T. pose.

2011-04-12 004


And just a couple of more pics of our pets:

2011-04-12 0022011-04-12 001

Thanks for humoring me.

I’m off tomorrow and have been told the our lot will get graded!  Michelle emailed “Just found out that the grader will be here tomorrow to get the site padded up and ready for the foundation crews once we have permits.  Basically, they will be out there with a bobcat moving a lot of dirt around (every little kids dream job!!!).


  1. Who needs to watch America's Next Top Model with you strutting your stuff :)

    Where I work we can wear jeans when ever. I usually wear Dockers Monday - Wednesday then jeans on Thursday and Friday... I sit in a cube all day so no need to "dress to impress"...


  2. I'm with you, Garret. The whole "business casual" think has become such a blurred line. I've always enjoyed dressing nicely. In my old IBM days, it was always a dress or suit with a crisp shirt and some kind of tie at the neck. And always, always, always Hanes hosiery. Ug! Do they even sell pantyhose anymore? These days I still like wearing dresses and nice slacks - rarely jeans. Jeans are sacred. Wait a minute... what the hell am I talking about.... I wear a freaking apron to work!

    The animal photos are great. You always get the best shots of Dasher. Love the ET comparison.

    You look pretty great yourself, Garret. This job obviously agrees with you and I am so happy you are enjoying it. Very proud of you!

  3. Thanks Derek! =)

    @Boozy: Yes, an apron which is pretty funny. I'm sure you're the smoking-est hot Publix Apron wearer across the land.

  4. You know it brother... but not for long...

  5. Prior to being bought by 3M, our company didn't do casual anything. When I started working here 11 years ago, I was told they used to allow casual Friday but people took it too far with booty shorts and shredded jeans and such so they just stopped allowing it altogether. I've always thought that sucked- a few people spoiling it for everyone. But 3M is pro-jeans on Friday and business causal during the week. Thank goodness. Fits my style perfectly.

    Love that Dasher struck a pose!

  6. The only job I ever had that didn't require a uniform (for me) was when I ran the restaurant with my then-husband! Twelve years of Catholic school, working as a hairdresser , then a waitress, I've almost always wore a uniform and didn't have to even think about what to wear to work. I think I like it that way. The downside is, when I have to wear heels of any kind, I'm like a little kid, wobbling all over the place!!


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