4-22-11 Friday (The Fine Print)

Saturday we go to Asheville, stay at a hotel we got via Priceline and ride the Great Smoky Mountain train thingy, right?  Well, we almost didn’t.  We got so tied up in their limitations for the Groupon that we missed it not being valid for 4/22-4/23.  When I booked the reservations, the woman didn’t say anything about it either.  Well, Thursday I got a call that she was sorry she missed the restriction but our reservations “weren’t good” and to call them.  Jim did the calling and asked if they could cut us a deal since we already had a hotel booked and time taken off for this weekend.  Being partly our fault and theirs, what can we do?


The manager said that because it was a special Peanuts Easter themed train ride, they have to pay royalties and would cost them too much money, however, for $89 more (for both of us) they would put us in first class, no kids, includes meal and non-alcoholic beverages.  We accepted.  We’ve come this far already.  I think it’s going to work out much better anyway.  The no kids thing is a plus right there.  First class seating?  I can handle that.  A meal?  Yum.

Jim’s coworker’s son, Robin, will be staying at the house to pet-sit.

I love my new job.  Have I told you that?  I schedule my PTO days right online.  I was approved for 2 hours of PTO on Friday (I left early) and then for all of Saturday.  If it hadn’t been approved I would have utilized “unscheduled PTO” time which is like calling in sick minus the fake coughing and stuff.  No stories are needed about duels with the toilet bowl.  Snot-tastic tales of endless supplies of mucus.  Need I go on?

Earlier in the week Jim was accepted on a Priceline bid for $40 at the Quality Inn in Asheville.  We love this hotel.  It’s clean, they serve free breakfast, it’s convenient, they have fresh made waffles, a microwave, free breakfast, coffee maker/micro/fridge and free yummy breakfasts.  We’ve had 2 family stay here twice before.  Anyway, we checked in late Friday night. 

When we first arrived to Asheville, prior to hotel check in, we scouted for a place to eat.  We went directly into downtown and stopped at a Cuban restaurant with our restaurant.com certificate in hand.  The place was closed.  It was after 10 pm.  Off to the Bier Garden we went.  We’ve eaten there several times and have always enjoyed our meal.

We eventually arrived at the hotel for a super late check in…  Tomorrow we need to be up early for the train ride.  Like 6am early.  What the hell were we out so late for? 


  1. I love that the train place was willing to work with you and work out a deal that satisfied. I hear some horror stories about Groupons- I have bought some and had good overall experiences. I did have one suddenly stop being accepted before the expiration date. Boo. But- their loss. Just means I won't be a returning customer.

  2. They wouldn't accept the Groupon?????????????? Did you contact Groupon?


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