4-17-11 Sunday (Short Drives)

Waiting for a Sunday update?  I promise you, it wasn’t exciting.  I grocery shopped at Walmart before noon.  Thrilling.  I stopped by our lot and saw the same piles of dirt existed.  Predictable.    Just for the hell of it, I stopped at the Target closest to the new house to check out their renovations.  Uneventful.  Their building banner boasted it’s expanded grocery section but it’s not a Super Target.  Sad.  No meat department, deli or bakery.  Lacking.

As you know, Jim is in the Atlanta area for a baby shower.  Being his dad and brother are in the construction business, they spoke about things to confirm about the construction of our home.  To avoid creaking floors and stairs, they should be glued in addition to nails… or something like that.  We asked our salesperson Michelle but she wasn’t sure.  Our current rental has many squeaky places on the floors and stairs which is unacceptable in a home that we’ll own.  Michelle reminded us of the one year warranty however I don’t think that’s long enough to cover something that probably doesn’t develop for until a couple of years later.   Jim and I have agreed that if it’s not built the way we want, we’ll walk away from it.  WE think it’s important enough.  Simple.


What’s with warranties anyway?  I can buy a $20,000 car and get a 5 year warranty but on a $160,000 home just one year?  Yeah, I know it’s an “industry standard” but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

As I said, I did pretty much nothing today.  I did manage to have dinner at Long John Silver’s and PIG out.  I had a 3 chicken plank, 2 fish, fries and 2 hush puppies meal.  Yum.  I didn’t eat the fries since I’m on a diet.  That was funny, wasn’t it?  Afterwards I stopped at a grocery store, Bloom and bought a huge milk chocolate Dove bar.  I ate it all.  All of it.  Every bit.  I binged.  I did not purge.  I wished I would have.  I suck.


The rest of the evening I watched horror movies and the like from Netflix Instant Play via the Playstation3.  I do love Netflix, TiVo and PS3.


  1. With the work stress that I've dived into, I've been craving unhealthy crap like crazy. Specifically, cheddar jalapeno cheetos. I want them All.The.Time.

    However, a plate of deep fried everything just doesn't look appealing to me. However, I'm suddenly wanting a mouthful of malt vinegar.

  2. I can hear a bit of pissy in your post today? PMSing? I laughed out loud in the car when I read you hinged but did not purge. Larry looked at me and said "what?" You know, sometimes you just need to binge and get it over with. But if you do, at least enjoy it. Guilt binging is ridiculous. Just reset and get back to healthy eating. One Dove bar won't kill you. Unless it was like 60 pounds and then I'd be jealous.

    PS: Whatever you do, do NOT download The Human Centipede on Netflix. I was warned not to, but didn't listen.

  3. I'm not a fan of fried fish, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Me? I'm still as fat and sassy as ever.


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