4-9-11 and 4-10-11 (Pushy Cars)

Saturday: Jim dealt with the car/Jeep at Monro today while I worked.  Squeaking brakes is still an annoying issue with the car, meanwhile the Jeep had it’s multiple oil leaks repaired.  After work (8pm), I caught a ride with Mike at work, picked up Billy and met Jim at Red Robin for dinner.  After dinner we rode back to our house for some Playstation games like Price is Right, Family Feud, and wine which isn’t a game but does accessorize games quite nicely.

Sunday: At some point I looked out the back door and realized how green everything had become!

2011-04-10 003

We met up with Beth at Mimi’s for brunch.  Mmmmmmmm.  I had some sort of Passion Fruit Mimosa thingy while Beth and Jim had regular Mimosas.

2011-04-10 006

The food was yummy.  We all enjoyed it. 


2011-04-10 007

Above/Below: I stopped off to the restroom and met Jim and Beth outside.  Beth was explaining something to Jim and being very animated.  Naturally, I snapped a photo.  It looks like she’s pushing Jim’s car but she’s not even really behind it.

2011-04-10 008

We stopped off at Monro to pick up the Jeep.  While Jim settled up with Monro, Beth and I browsed Garden Ridge.  We may have tried on a hat or two.

2011-04-10 009

2011-04-10 010

We used the Jeep to help Beth move a mattress.  After moving a few items, she treated us to Cold Stone.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  We unBethed and went on to Adams Homes.  Our sales rep, Michelle, had told us that the spec home of our house was sold.  Before the new owners close and take possession, we wanted to take more photos.  I took more photos and walk through video.  Sometimes we don’t remember how many drawers are in a kitchen or the bathroom or where there’s a light or vent.  The video will serve as a reference.  It’s separated into two videos with a total of about 6 minutes in footage.  I started uploading them to youtube and then thought I’d post them for you to see however it’s slowing down my internet connection and will take a long time.  If you really want to see it, let me know and I’ll start an upload before I leave for work sometime.  It’s not narrated since it’s not a tour.  It’s more like a documentary of house.  Winking smile

Off to Walmart and then home to finish off the last of the Farscape series.

2011-04-10 026Above: FAIL.  A neighbor’s mailbox repair.

Speaking of fail, this sign was posted in the elevator at work:

2011-04-09 001

Seriously?  The person who took the time to put it in the frame didn’t see the screwed up text?


  1. Um... wow on that sign. Huh.

    I hope the neighbor intended it to be a temporary fix just so the post office would continue to deliver mail.

    I wanna try on hats with you! Maybe I should skip shoe posts and do a hat post in your honor...


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