4-18-11 Monday (But We Like Money)

I received 2 video games I bought off eBay.  Too bad I didn’t get them by Sunday when I was laying around doing nothing.  I got Spiderman:  Shattered Dimensions  for $25 plus $3.75 shipping.  I also received Ironman 2 which I spent $10 on.



And if that doesn’t keep me busy, I can always clean.  Right.

A lot of banks have stopped supporting Microsoft Money since that program has been discontinued.  Jim uses the software to keep track of our finances.  After some research, I found Quicken to be highly recommended for financial software.  The (insert bank where I work) website offered Quicken with a special discount.  Oddly, if I just went to Quicken directly I was offered the same damn discount.  Thanks for nothing.  I began price hunting and discovered “digital downloads” by Amazon.com.  I got it for $37!  I installed it on Jim’s laptop.  Naturally he’s gotta learn a new program so there’s some grumbling going on.  We’ll see.


Stay tuned!  I leave work early Friday and take Saturday off for a trip to Asheville!   There was already ticket drama for the choo-choo but at this point it’s gonna work out nicely.


  1. Eager to hear all about Asheville and the choo choo!

  2. A million years ago when I was married to my first husband, we had a courier business and I worked in the office doing accounts payable, payroll, and our tax deposits. I remember using Quicken and it was pretty great back THEN. I can only imagine how much snazzier and easier and better it is now. Good thinking on the download! Now go scrub a toilet or something.

  3. Have a great trip on the "choo-choo"!?


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