4-1-11, 4-2-11, 4-3-11 (Week In Review)


Happy April Fool’s Day.  Really.  It’s a good day because my health insurance starts up.  I still need probably 2 root canals since the last time (I haven’t been able to chew on my left side in months).  Jim has changed his health insurance to be on my plan which has better coverage for a better price.  If you remember, we moved here because Jim got a job with the same company I work for and at one time I was his “dependent” on this same insurance plan, now it’s reversed.  His current employer didn’t offer domestic partnership benefits.  Another reason I like my company.

I listed my Star Wars: Force Unleashed II game on eBay today.  Yep, that’s my big accomplishment for today.  Well, I guess maybe emptying the dishwasher was a little more?


My first Saturday at work!  I worked 11:30 to 8.  The good thing about the schedule is that my classmates have the same schedule other than the weekday day off (Wednesday or Thursday).  We were warned by more seasoned sales bankers that Saturdays can sometimes be slow with up to 20 minutes between calls.  It did definitely vary today.  5 minutes to 20.  I find it a little annoying that most everyone works Saturdays and that even using a PTO day for one is rarely approved.  For me to have off that day I’d need to take it as unscheduled time aka call out sick.  They’re pretty good about that too.  No need to act sick or anything.  Just say you’re not coming in and that’s all.  

So… how did we pass the time at work.  We all stand up from our cubicles and chit-chat until we get a call.  We toss paper airplanes too.  Some bankers even had beach balls to toss around.  Fun stuff.  A supervisor walked around with a huge box of éclairs too.  I can’t say it enough; this company rocks.  There’s always going to be things that aren’t quite so stellar but the “whole’ is what it’s about.

imageAbove: I swiped this from co-worker, Renee’s, Facebook page.  This is Jessica, my lunch buddy.  Yes, she’s got a paper airplane instructional guide pulled up on her computer.  Caught!


We tried a new restaurant called Harrisburg Family House.  We saw a review for their pancakes so off we went.  I had an ham and American cheese omelet.  There’s not too many different way to prepare that so it was just as expected and what I wanted.  Their biscuits were tasted.  Jim said the pancakes were “OK” and the sausage gravy and biscuits seemed to lack sausage and flavor.  We’d probably go back though.  The service was excellent.  It was our first time in Harrisburg and yet it was only 15 minutes away from us.


While awaiting our meals I glanced over and saw our new home builder sales rep, Michelle, looking at me.  What’s humorous about this is that we just saw her a couple of weeks ago at the Babies R Us store parking lot.  We promised her we weren’t stalking her.  Small world.

We got over to Walmart and I did it.  I bought two Nerf guns, extra darts and a beach ball.


While I shopped, Jim went in search of baby stuff for his future nephew.  So I bought toys for me and he bought baby clothes.  Funny.  While at the check-outs, I waited in line while Jim looked through Hot Wheels cars:

2011-04-03 0062011-04-03 005

This week had been all about getting the vehicles service.  Despite our brake woes with Monro since May 2010, we still brought our car there for brakes which is also squeaking.  I’m thinking they’re using cheap-ass brake pads and I guess we get what we pay for.  We left the Jeep there to get battery terminal ends replaced, oil changed and a steering stabilizer bar to take care of the Jeep’s “death wobble”.  Yes, the “death wobble” is a popular term amongst Jeep enthusiasts and had been plaguing Jim and I for months and months.   It’s now been fixed for under $200!  Yay!

Later, Mike and Billy came over for dinner and Buzz Trivia.  We had a blast!  I won a game and Jim won a game.  Sorry boys… better luck next time… loooooooosers.  I did not take any photos this evening.  I had MANY glasses of wine and was barely able to prepare my delicious pork roast without accidently serving up some cat.  Clea?  Where are you?  Uhhhh, entertain yourselves.  I need to check on my cat.


  1. Last time I changed jobs, I didn't sign until I knew they offered benefits for domestic partners. Miss Chef didn't have any benefits at all until she got them through me at my previous job. Pretty risky for someone working with sharp things and fire.

    Now she's stuck with me if she wants coverage, bwahahaha!!

  2. @Boozy: I found her!

    @Flartus: LOL. Sharp things and fire. Good point.

  3. I would so love to be your co-worker.


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