1-4-15 Sunday (Back To The Misadventures)

Look, yet another blog post!  This weekend we went to Augusta.  The last time we were there was October 19th.  So basically, forever.  At our last visit, most of our time was consumed by a refrigerator replacement.  Never a dull moment, we had another issue on this visit. 

InternalCheckValveIt all started out just fine.  Jim even got out of work earlier than normal.  We actually arrived at a decent time.  He spent a long time trouble shooting why water wasn’t flowing into the RV.  He took all sorts of stuff apart.  I was reluctant to unpack the car figuring without water we might just leave.  In the end, it was 2 back flow check valves that were misbehaving.  Improvising, Jim drilled out the mechanism/guts that make these things tick.  We’re assuming the cold/freezing temps did something to them.  Afterwards, we had water. By the time we’d unpack the car and get the water hot for showers, it was too late to want to go out so there went one of our nights here.  Oh well.  On Saturday we purchased some replacement parts to return most of it back to the way it was.

The rest of the weekend went fine.  Shopped Saturday, hung out with friends, just the way I like it.

Some recent photos:

2014-12-27 001Above: If only your species could fly.  Oh wait.


2015-01-01 002Above: I put this on Facebook with a caption this request. My favorites?  “Eat and run?” by Wayne.  “That fast food gave me the runs so bad, I just ran out of my sneakers for the bathroom!” by Ross.  “Such bad gas from the fast food that it blew them right out of their shoes........” by Joellyn.  There were several more funny ones but you get the picture.


2015-01-03 003Above/Below: this was taken at a Walmart in Augusta.  What amused me was the fatal error message on the screen shown on a health machine.error


And just because I’m sitting here in Augusta waiting for the rain to stop and Jim to shower so we can go home to Charlotte, here’s this:

DIH - Animated Arrow

5 years ago Jim set up the hot tub platform.  Boring.  But if you must, read about it here.

The Pacific Coast highway + dirty Asian noodles.  What was the connection 6 years ago?  Read about it here.

Exciting news on the way……


  1. I see those old posts are from a "closest circle of friends" time. Ah, the good old days. Well, these days are pretty good too !!!!! I am so excited about your news.

  2. Watch out--keep up this blogging pace and you'll burn out! (Says she who hasn't posted in like 2 months.)


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