1-23-15 Friday (Cruise – Day 6 – Cococay, Bahamas)

Here’s port info if you’d like otherwise scroll down:

CocoCay, BahamasSurrounded by the gentle, translucent waters of the Bahamas chain lies the secluded island of CocoCay®, an eco-certified private destination. Reserved exclusively for cruise ship guests, this 140-acre tropical paradise was awarded a Gold-Level Eco-Certification by Sustainable Travel International™ for its environmentally friendly activities and tours. With its white-sand beaches and spectacular surroundings, CocoCay is a wonderland of adventures. Explore new aquatic facilities, nature trails and a ton of great places to just sit back, relax and enjoy a tropical drink.

So… we didn’t even bother getting off the ship.  We’re not particularly fond of sand, beaches and a hot sun so therefore that makes this undesirable for us. 

We slept in pretty late (in bed at 3am the night before) so totally missed breakfast.  Unfortunately with it being a port day, the main dining room was closed leaving us with buffet options yet again.  After lunch we walked around for a bit.  We ran into a fellow Segway-er from our excursion and talked with her for a while.  We’ve had such a great time talking to people on excursions and meal times.  Later we went to Johnny Rocket’s for a milk shake.  We had a BOGO free deal.  Yummy.  

Next we returned to the room, changed into swim wear and for the first time all cruise, enjoyed the hot tub.  I had an altercation of sorts there.  Several kids without adults were getting into the hot tub.  2 of them had ice cream cones.  I’d say they were 5 or 6 years old?  I said, “you can’t bring ice cream in here.” and they backed away.  What I’m assuming to be their dad, walks up with the 2 kids and tells them to get in but they won’t.  A few minutes later dad and the 2 kids return, all 3 eating ice cream and the dad assures them it’s OK.  Father of the Year.  Jim and I eventually get out and while drying off the father comes out and tells his wife how someone said the kids couldn’t come into the hot tub with the ice cream so he purposely went and got ice cream to go into the hot tub.  Naturally, I had to say something.  “Oh sorry, that was me.  Your kids came into the hot tub with ice cream and no adults.”  He goes on to tell me how he was sorry and that his kids were honoring my request.  Jackass.  Most of what he said is a blur and didn’t really make sense.  Jim and I were baffled.  After the moment passed, I had one of those “wish I would have said” moments.  You see, I never mentioned that I told their kids that because it was against the rules.  I suppose in addition to mentioning that, I could have nicely pointed out that when an adult explains the rules to a child that I can see how it would make sense for their father to say it was OK to break them.  Whatever.

Back to the room for a nap.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Almost done…  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  OK we’re up.  Got some pictures of the sunset. 


Showered.  Changed into dinner clothes and off we went to the Champagne bar for a glass of Moscato prior to dinner.  The dining room was buzzing with announcements and acknowledgement of some of the wait staff.  When we were seated at an 8 top, there were 2 women looking over the railing with their backs to us watching the announcements + 2 women we’d never met + an older husband/wife that Jim and I have dined with previously (funny to sit with the same people).  After sitting down, the 2 women with their backs to us turned around and it was Jill and Valerie!  So funny.    

2015-01-23 014Above: This is a much better photo of Valerie (L) and Jill (R).

The 4 of us went to the final show and afterwards took a photo with 2 of the crew.

2015-01-23 015Above: Jim, Erky from Turkey (as they called him) the Activities Manager, Jill, Leigh (Cruise Director), Garret, Valerie

Afterwards, the 4 of us went to Johnny Rockets for a shake.  Yeah, second round for Jim and I.  Oink, oink.  We bid our farewells to Jill and Valerie.

Jim and I returned to the cabin, changed, and headed to the hot tub.  It was our final soak.  It was already after midnight and we’d need to get up by about 6:30am to have breakfast and get off the ship.  So sad…

I won’t have a post for tomorrow but funny enough, we ran into Jill and Valerie yet again on the Royal Promenade as we were waiting to be called for disembarkation.  We’re all Facebook friends now! 

The cruise was wonderful.  We had a great honeymoon.  I’m already itchy for another cruise.

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