1-21-15 Wednesday (Cruise – Day 4 – Cozumel, Mexico)

The night before we preordered breakfast as room service.   The only hot dish they offer for breakfast was scrambled eggs.   This morning we cancelled it and went to the Windjammer (buffet).  We were able to get made to order omelets instead.  Afterwards, we exited the ship and made way to the end of the pier to meet up for our excursion. 

3 Reef Snorkel by Boat

Discover a pristine underwater world as you plunge into the dazzling waters off Cozumel for a snorkeling adventure through three distinct coral reefs. Enjoy panoramic coastal views and soothing breezes while gliding by boat across turquoise waters off the Mexican shore alongside a welcoming and experienced crew. Equipped with snorkel gear, swim around three coral reef systems that teem with colorful tropical fish and other marine life. Enjoy two complimentary beverages and rejuvenating onboard snacks.

What an awesome excursion.  Beautiful reefs.  We saw small jellyfish, a stingray, and a huge grouper (compared to the other fish we saw).  We saw a lot of sand dollars and small colorful tropical fish.  The tour guides brought fish food with them to get them to swim near us for pictures.  The water temperature and weather were perfect.  We bought a CD with about 10 photos from our trip.

2015-01-21 001Above: Our ship as seen from the snorkeling boat.

2015-01-21 025

2015-01-21 018

2015-01-21 021

2015-01-21 022

Back to the ship for a shower and lunch.  Disappointingly, the only thing open was the Windjammer again.  Sigh.  They do have good burgers.  Love their mashed potatoes.  Love their bread.  There was plenty of good food there.  I just wish they’d offer some other unique stuff.  Some suggestions would be a changing international section.  Indian, Mexican, etc.  Also some other general foods could be onion rings, fried shrimp, fried chicken, roasted chicken, etc.  Someday when I’m king.  Someday.

2015-01-21 012

Above/below: From our balcony, pre-shower.

2015-01-21 011

After lunch, we went back into the port to shop and walk around.

2015-01-21 004Above: Why yes, that’s a donkey tied to a tree in the background.  It was unattended and I sincerely hope nothing bad happened to it.

2015-01-21 017Above: A pre-dinner glass of Moscato wine.  Our Royal Caribbean status level gave us a BOGO on one glass of wine so we took advantage of it.

Tonight’s dinner is at the specialty restaurant called Portofino’s.  We’ve eaten at this restaurant on the sister ships and really enjoyed their fillets.  The cover charge for this restaurant is $25 each.  The service was pretty slow.  The food was excellent.

The headliner show is “The Unexpected Boy’s Oh, What a Night”.  Think Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  It was another good show. 

The Royal Promenade featured a 70’s dance party.  Several different dancers and singers entertained the crowd to get them motivated.  They threw trinkets into the crowd, started a dance train, dressed as the Village People, Austin Powers, Saturday Night Fever garb, etc.  After that the party was moved to the Chambers which is a 2 level night club decked out in medieval theme.   We went there as well and people watched.  There were quite some characters.


  1. Sounds great !!! You should try scuba diving. It is even more awesome.

    1. Not a bad idea to research certification on that.


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