1-12-15 Monday (Queened)

It was a fairly low-key weekend.  That’s fine with me.  We started packing for the cruise and came up with a list of last minute items so off to the store(s) we went.  Nothing major.

Saturday we met with the dog sitter, Nikki, and went over what we’d need her to do while she was here.  The most important is to take care of Dasher.  We need to keep him fed and his sugar up.  The most recent issue is his pickiness.  What we give him to eat now seems to not interest him for the next meal.  It’s crazy.  We’ve even purchased a ton of different dog food.  He’s just crazy and got us trained.  Whatever it takes I guess.

Sunday was a laid back sort of day.  We had dinner at Beth’s house.  She totally called me out on the blog.  A mutual friend told her.


Monday was a short day at work.  I had a dentist appointment to get a temporary crown. 


I posted crown me on Facebook with this picture:


And in turn, received this picture from Norma and/or Josh:


Love it!

Then later, a visit to the dermatologist.  there’s no photos of that and trust me, no body wants to see that.

Saturday is the wedding…  Sunday is the honeymoon…  I’ll most likely get the posts ready while on the ship but won’t be able to upload them until we get back.  Just like the Alaska cruise. I’ll pretty much be incognito for a week.

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