1-7-15 Wednesday (The Wedding Planner Part 2)

road runnerFor the ceremony, it's going to be quick.  Again, we've been together 15 years so most of this feels like a formality at this point.  I will say that I'm more excited than initially.  I don't know why.   jailAnyway, we wanted to be married at the magistrate's office.  It took forever to find out how to actually get married once a license is obtained.  There's such a disconnect of info on the county website.  Once I did find out, it was limited hours, down at the magistrate's office which is part of the jail, yes jail, and they don't take appointments, and you need to bring your own witnesses.  So we decided on going with an officiate at our house with 2 wonderful friends, Ruby and Beth as our witnesses!

We've even told the officiate that she can pretty much start at "by the power vested…" although she's asked for info about us.  We'll see.

After the "ceremony" we're off to have dinner at Ruth's Chris for Restaurant Week.  It just happens to be Restaurant Week so we've stated "this isn't a reception".  In the meantime, Beth said, aren't you going to invite so and so?  They'd love to come too.  So our party of 7 went to 12.  Not that I don't want the others there, I do, it's just that our typical Ruth's Chris visit for Restaurant Week is just with Beth and her family.  Then we included Ruby and Jamie because they'll be at the "ceremony".  Truth be known, I'm excited everyone will be there.  I'm excited in general.  I think Beth is planning on making this more of a reception.  I can talk about her since she doesn't read the blog (she's not online often).  The other day she asked "you and Jim like sci-fi and superheroes, right?  Who's your favorite characters?  Sounds fishy like she's up to something.

Right after dinner, we leave for our cruise.  First a 5 hour trip to some hotel in Georgia and then the next morning we drive the remaining 3 hours and board the ship.

And there’s the plans… 


  1. You should be excited. It doesn't matter that you have been together for 15 years. you are getting MARRIED !!!! I'm sure for many of those years you never thought it could ever happen. And be glad that your friends want to make a big deal of it. They love you and want to show it. Down the road, you will be glad they did. Happy memories. I am really excited for you myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I understand why you getting married feels more like a 'formality' than a celebration.
    Craig and I have been together 38 years, and even the 'idea' of marriage seems odd to us.
    After all these years together, this just seems 'normal' for us. Marriage is what those straight people do. :-)
    But, for your same reasons, if it ever becomes legal here in Michigan, or when we retire and move to Nevada, we will get 'married'.
    So enjoy your day and let your friends be happy for you.

    1. Thanks Wayne! I'm so excited your new house and eventual move to Vegas!


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