1-19-15 Monday (Cruise – Day 2 – At Sea)

We went to the sit down breakfast today and enjoyed the food (caramelized onion and bacon quiche) as well as the company of fellow passengers.  It’s always interesting to strike up conversations.  After breakfast, we went back to the room for a nap!  It was going to be a lazy day.

2015-01-19 024Above: Here we are waiting for bingo to get organized.  Once we discovered the price to play, we decided it was too rich for us.

2015-01-19 023Above: One of the venues, Maharajas.

2015-01-19 022Above: Jewelery?  I shake my head.

(stretch!) Nap over, time for lunch.  Yes, really.  Back to the dining room we went.  Jim had a Turkish chicken wrap and I the gnocchi dish.  We both swap part of our meals and enjoyed both.  After lunch we went over to the ice skating rink for an ice show called “Spirits of the Seasons”.  It was a good show.  We decided another nap was in order.  Yes, really.  We slept pretty long but Jim woke up with stomach issues and the feeling of wanting to vomit.  We just stayed in bed.  He had issues throughout the night.  We slept 16 ours.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that and it was refreshing. 

We totally missed dinner as well as any other evening activities.  Oh well.

This would be an otherwise short entry so I’ll use it to talk about the ship.  I like the ship.  It’s showing signs of wear but it’s going into dry dock in 2 months for a major reno.  So just as we expected, there would be some things they aren’t going to invest money in just to have it all ripped out shortly.  The cabin was in great condition other than some wear spots on the cabinets.  The shower pressure was amazing while the sink, not so much.  We had so much space that we actually had some empty cabinet space. 

2015-01-20 026

Jim drinks excessive amounts of Diet Coke (yes, he’s heard about all the bad stuff) so we purchased a drink package for him.  It works like Disney, you get a special cup with a chip in it and you go to self-serve machines and fill up on 9,584.655 (estimated) different drink combinations.  The rub is that there’s a timer that limits the time between refills.  We think it’s once every 15 minutes but not sure.  You can also go up to the bars and have them fill up the cup.  They don’t check times there.  It’s not really that hard since the dining rooms will serve you soft drinks by just using your card which has the soda package logo on it.

2015-01-20 027

Some other miscellaneous photos: 

2015-01-22 004Above: Shot of the buffet.  All of the stations I triplicated throughout.

2015-01-22 001Above: There are several pools and hot tubs.

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