1-20-15 Tuesday (Cruise – Day 3 – Costa Maya, Mexico)

After our 16 hour slumber, Jim awoke sickness free.  Yay.  Something he ate?  Not sure.  Who cares, as long as it’s gone. 

Off to breakfast in the main dining room.  Delicious omelet and again some great dining companions.  Interesting conversations.  It usually starts with basics like: where are you from and is this your first cruise.  From there the conversation blossoms. 

After breakfast we wandered around the ship for a while and then laid by the pool (in the shade where we like it) and people-watched.  Time for lunch.  Yes, feeding time.  We were bummed to find the main dining room closed.  Johnny Rockets (a $6.00 cover) was also closed.  So, up to the Windjammer for the buffet.  There’s always something to eat there but it’s boring buffet food. 

2015-01-20 030

Once off the ship, we’re pretty much dumped into the shopping plaza complete with very pushy Mexican salespeople who really want you to check out what they have for sale.  I just try not to make eye contact.  We don’t need nor want anything.  It was very very hot and humid.  Not fun for us.

2015-01-20 034  Above/Below: Jim checks the water temperature.2015-01-20 037


2015-01-20 033Above: A shot from the pier.

Eventually we found a shady spot to sit and relax.  At 2:15 we met up for our excursion:

Segway Adventure and Beach Break:

Glide through the town of Costa Maya by Segway and visit a beautiful beach club. A guide trains and orients you with your Segway. You'll coast along the beachfront with its magnificent views and local flavor. A refreshment stop occurs en route to the main commercial center where you'll have time to shop. Then relax at the beach sipping a cool beverage, swimming in the ocean or just laying down on the beach.

We love Segway tours but unfortunately this one wasn’t very good.  There were 13 people who, one at a time, had to fill out a waiver sheet.  Then the guide delayed us more.  It appeared he was stalling.  We all walked to some shady area of town, up a side street, entered in some gates to a big yard, sat in the shade on plastic lawn chairs and watched a short safety video.  We then got directions on how to use the Segway.  2 guides took each of us one at a time and ensured we knew what we were doing.  We had to don helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.  A little much we thought. Especially since we only wore helmets in DC where as Jim put it, is the attorney capital of the US.  This entire process put us at 1 hour into the tour.  We finally got to ride around the town and stop here and there.  The last stop was at the beach and no one wanted to lay around there so back to the ship via paid taxi we all went.  The entire Segway experience was only 1 hour.  $95 later.

2015-01-20 042Above: A beach stop.

Here’s the Mexican ruins:2015-01-20 039

Above/Below: Just beyond the cruise port.  It’s the old port?  It’s all boarded up and deserted. Sad.

2015-01-20 040

2015-01-20 041

Back onto the ship, shit/shower/shave and off to dinner.  I couldn’t decide on what I wanted so I ordered lasagna (meaty but didn’t care for it much) and a delicious pork dish.  Jim also had the pork and shared the lasagna with me.  He was able to have his escargot.  Yay.  I also had some mushroom ball things and garlic soup.  All really good.  I don’t take pictures of the food and the menus like I did during the first several cruises.  I also don’t take photos of too many “things” in general unless we’re in the photo.  Seeing picture of a chandelier is typically boring to the rest of the world and typically cool to the photographer.  Well, I take that back.  Perhaps with some mad photographing skills with a good camera, proper lighting and an eye for angles,that chandelier could look amazing.  I have none of those so I don’t bother.

The show tonight was great.  It was Joel Mason, An Elton John impressionist with a comedic twist. 

After the show we stayed for the Love and Marriage Game (Newlywed game).  It was funny.  The cruise director is quick witted.  The couples: married 1 week + 31 years + 60 years.  They won in order of years married with the newlyweds last.


  1. We saw a newlywed game on our cruise too. It was quite entertaining !!! The pushy people wanting sales can be very annoying but they depend on that money. It sounds like you are doing a lot of eating !!!! Can't wait for the next "chapter".

    1. You're right about them needing the sales. It's very competitive for them. There's tons of people selling the same stuff.


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