1-2-15 Friday (More Catching Up)

There’s a ton of stuff that has happened since I last blogged.  Here’s more catching up:

The Disney trip was fun!  We had several hiccups with our Magic Bands not working correctly.  Our Disney hotel room had a huge “bubble” in the carpet.  All in all, for all of the issues we had we were comp’d nicely by Disney.  By the end of the week, I had a huge blister which I cared for with a special blister Band-Aid that was awesome!  We think we probably spent about 2 days more in Disney than we really needed too.  We had fun.  The 8 hour drive to Orlando wasn’t as bad as I thought. 

2014-11-07 Hollywood2014-10-31 0512014-10-31 0522014-11-02 0062014-11-02 0092014-11-02 Rockin' Roller Coaster2014-11-05 0622014-11-05 0642014-11-06 0022014-11-06 0062014-11-06 Castle 22014-11-07 0012014-11-07 Epcot2014-11-07 Hollywood night

My Mom did come by herself for a visit.  Aunt Donna was too ill to make it.  Mom stayed a week, we had a great time.  Grandma came and watched Dasher while we went to Disney. 2014-10-24 044Above: Mom made 2 trays of her lasagna.

Next up are some photos from a drive to Little Switzerland.

2014-10-25 021


2014-10-25 024


2014-10-25 029

And a drink while while you paint class with Mom and Grandma:

2014-10-29 001

2014-10-29 004

For Thanksgiving, Jim’s dad and his wife, brother and his wife and our nephew, and Grandma, came for the holidays.  We rode the Polar Express which was fun for us and mainly Colton.  We had a nice visit.

On Black Friday at about 12:30 am, Dasher suffered a very, very, major seizure and off to the emergency vet we went.  $2200 and long story short, he was there several days, his blood sugar was at a 25, a test revealed insulinoma on his pancreas.  Surgery may not be wise so we’re making him comfortable, feeding him frequently, he’s on Prednisone for life and we’re going to try to squeeze more time out of him. 

2014-11-29 012

Perhaps the next entry can be more current events.  Smile


  1. You two always look like you are having so much fun. Good for you !!!! Life is short, enjoy while you can. I am really sorry about Dasher and hope his remaining time with you is pleasant. Hi Mom !!!! Hi Gramma !!!!

  2. Glad Disney was a success, and you came home to lasagna? Not bad! I hope Dasher's condition stays quiet for a while. Poor guy.

    1. Actually the lasagna was before Disney and many weeks after (we froze it). That picture should have been posted prior to the Disney stuff.

  3. Long time reader here. Glad to see you posting again and was sorry to hear Dasher is having some issues. My partner and I have read so many of your posts that it is like reading the adventures of old friends. I hope you maintain the motivation to keep posting updates from time to time! We'd surely miss not getting to peer into your lives and to share your adventures! lol


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